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  • Inability to track SLA
  • Poor insights into the service desk
  • No asset tracking capabilities
Favourite Features 
  • Mobile App
  • SLA priority matrix
  • Advanced analytics
About the company

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. (SMSGT) is one of the Philippines' leading systems integrators, providing innovative solutions for wireless and wire-line service carriers. They are trusted experts in marketing, distribution, deployment, and maintenance of different telecom products and utilities. They provide post-sales and support services.

About the operations team

The operations team at SMSGT handles queries raised by customers on repairs and machinery issues. The team was using emails to handle the inflow of queries. The team was finding it difficult to manage customer requests and stay on top of SLAs. 

Requirements from the new solution

Emails were restricting the team’s ability to function smoothly and so a decision was taken to move to a new solution. Their 3 primary requirements from the new solution were:

  • SLA tracking and adherence
  • Asset management
  • Reporting and advanced analytics

After carefully evaluating the market, the decision was taken to move to Freshservice since it was a perfect fit for the requirements.

Winning with Freshservice

The team has seen a phenomenal improvement in their performance after implementing Freshservice. The SLA adherence in the first year of Freshservice improved from 80% to 92%. The team currently meets 98% of its SLAs.

Paolo Maramba, Senior Technical Support Supervisor, Customer Support and Operations says “ The ability to attach assets to incidents has proven to be a game-changer. We are able to repair and replace vulnerable assets very easily”

SMSGT has also been able to leverage data from Freshservice to identity and award top performers at its quarterly rewards and recognition program. Trends from the gamification module now constitute 70% of the evaluation criteria. 

Key features

1. Mobile app

The productivity of the agents has improved significantly with the help of the mobile app.   The field agents are able to view and manage their incoming tickets with ease.

2. SLA management

The priority matrix of Freshservice has allowed SMSGT to adhere to their SLAs easily. The ability to split incidents on both impact and urgency has enabled easy prioritization of tasks and faster resolution of issues. Reporting and Advanced Analytics

SMSGT has been able to gain valuable insights into their help desk with Freshservice’s advanced analytics. The ability to run reports on assets has proven to be invaluable. Problematic assets are now easily identified without manual intervention.  

Future with Freshservice

SMSGT has been very happy with their experience with Freshservice so far and is looking to bring in other functions like Marketing, Finance, and HR on board. They are also exploring the Freshdesk Contact Center integration to offer end-users easy and seamless phone support. 

Paolo said, “Freshservice has been working perfectly for us, It suits our needs and it is doing all the right things for us.  Agents are finding it easy to use, and love the solution.”

Feedback on partner support

Paolo is also deeply appreciative of their association with i4 Asia. He said, “i4 Asia has been a phenomenal partner for us. They have provided us with exceptional support and have helped us out every time we have reached out to them” 

“Freshservice has been working perfectly for us, It suits our needs and it is doing all the right things for us. Agents are finding it easy to use, and love the solution.”

Paolo Maramba

Senior Technical Support Supervisor, Customer Support and Operations