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  • Lack of context
  • Email as a tool
  • UI
  • Automation
  • Support team

About ShowItMedia

ShowIT Media is a provider of customized solutions for IT, AV and TELE arenas. Based on common expectation votes, they develop future-proof solutions that match customers’ needs and implement them to work as quickly as possible. ShowIT Media guarantees security and simplicity for all its projects. All the solutions they make are specifically tailored to each client's situation and needs, but in a way so there is room for growth.


ShowIT Media provides IT support to small and mid-size teams which don’t have an internal IT support team. They found that handling issues raised through emails was a cumbersome process. They needed to solve two challenges with the implementation of a service desk: better communication than email, and better context in communication.

Solution we provided

When looking for a new ITSM tool, ShowItMedia explored 10 different options before they came across Freshservice and decided to go ahead with it the day they started using it. It was clean and intuitive, smart and straightforward to use, easy to implement and adopt, and provided vastly improved context to IT support overall.

““Setting up Freshservice was like putting together LEGO blocks.””

Jonas Christoffersen

CEO & Founder

ShowIT Media

Key Successes

ShowIT Media has been using Freshservice since early 2015 and they’ve found that the tool has solved majority of their problems:

Zero client complaints: Freshservice has helped ShowIT Media achieve zero client complaints. They are now a proud beholder of 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Effortless automation: The team found the automation to as simple as putting together lego bricks. Previously, it had been difficult for them to even initiate automation.

Lesser time with emails: Since the implementation of Freshservice, the team shared that they are able to spend more time with their families in the evening instead of looking into emails.

Effective support: The Freshservice support team has always been available to resolve or answer any sort of query or issue in good time, over live chat or call.

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