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IT, Facilities

  • Complex IT processes
  • Externally-hosted desk
  • Overcomplicated workflows
  • High ticket resolution times
  • No ticket management system
  • Non-configurable tool
  • Non-use by employees
  • Smart ticketing
  • Multichannel integration
  • Change management
  • Asset management
  • CMDB

About Selwood Housing

Selwood Housing is a not for profit, social enterprise committed to providing affordable homes. With over 300 employees, Selwood Housing manages 5000+ rental properties and provides acquisition, repair and letting services to the Wiltshire county of South-West England. Freshservice helped them simplify their IT service management, which was so complex and had such high resolution times that most employees had stopped using it.


Selwood had an internal team coordinating with an third-party service provider and an externally-hosted service desk, which caused a barrage of problems. Management set up a dedicated in-house team and then searched for a tool that was easy to onboard and use, highly configurable, offered a good selection of add-ons to make multi-vendor interactions simple, and was simple and intuitive enough to enable the IT team to solve issues proactively.

Solution we provided

After reviewing multiple tools including Samanage, Zendesk and Landesk, Selwood chose Freshservice for its simple and user-friendly UI, competitive price point, and many features. The smart ticketing functionalities allowed them to quickly set up workflows to manage ticket inflow. Multichannel integration made it easier for customers to reach out to the IT team, and use of the service desk went up as long-standing issues were finally logged. Proper SLAs were set and workflow was monitored, overall leading to lower resolution times. The team could then focus on setting modules like Change Management and Asset Management in place, using the CMDB to efficiently assess, plan and develop contingencies for organization-wide system changes.

“We just wanted something that we could easily get up and running – plug in and use, with appendages upfront – but then Freshservice had the additional functionality that let us configure it to our needs as we work.”

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Mark Heyworth

Head of ICT

Sellwood Housing


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The success with the IT team caught the eye of other teams within the company, with Facilities soon adopting Freshservice as well, with great success. Freshservice has enabled IT and Facilities to work together more cohesively, and is seen as the first step in Selwood’s ultimate goal of a centralized, self-sustaining solution to service provision.