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Hoofddorp, the Netherlands + worldwide subsidiaries

  • Lack of innovation
  • Insufficient international alignment
  • Unhappy users and agents
  • Faster ticket resolution
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Fast and high adoption
  • Optimised internal coordination

CSAT score (previously 50%)


Increase in ticket volume

About Schoeller Allibert

Schoeller Allibert is a well-known global player and European market leader in the field of returnable transit packaging. Headquartered in Hoofddorp, this multinational company has been designing, developing, innovating reusable plastic packaging for sixty years.

Ranadeep Sarkar, Global Service Delivery & Information Security Officer of Schoeller Allibert, says: "If you walk into your local supermarket, chances are that the croissants you buy are placed on a tray made by us and transported in one of our dolly’s. The apples and tomatoes you get there are shipped in large boxes made by us and the beer crates that you grab at the end are mostly produced by Schoeller Allibert, to give you a few examples".

Looking for more innovation

Schoeller Allibert's IT service desk was traditionally outsourced to an external party, which gave Schoeller Allibert the inspiration for innovative ITSM solutions. Hence, the choice for Freshservice was quickly made.

Rana, as he prefers being called, explains: "We knew that the ITSM tool we used weren't as great as those available in the market. This awareness caused dissatisfaction among users, service agents and employees. They clearly demanded innovation. When I joined in 2019, one of my tasks was to find better solutions for IT service management. I had experience with other tools, but never with Freshservice. However, when we started looking for a scalable and easy-to-use SaaS solution, Freshservice clearly stood out during the demo. We were quickly convinced that Freshworks was the right fit for our people".


Keeping it simple

Freshservice focuses precisely on the services that Schoeller Allibert needed and did not have any additional, unnecessary features. This no-nonsense approach appealed to Schoeller Allibert and made the purchasing decision as simple as the software itself.

Rana continues: "My focus has always been on the customer experience of technology while looking for ways to quickly eliminate dissatisfaction. I believe that IT can only work if solutions are built around the user - instead of the user having to adapt later. Happiness of the IT service employees is equally essential and therefore their needs deserve to be catered to. At the end of the day, a happy IT service agent will deliver a high-quality service which equals to a happy & satisfied customer".

Shifting from ITSM to ESM

Traditional IT solutions are built for technical specialists. However, the market is gradually shifting towards more inclusive processes that can boost organizational productivity by lowering the threshold for non-technical users. The move to Enterprise Service Management is an important way to provide user-centric services and increase involvement among non-IT personnel. This philosophy of intuitive user-friendly design is also reflected in Freshworks' products - a key factor in Schoeller Allibert’s decision to partner with Freshworks.

Freshservice for Schoeller Allibert emerged as an accessible platform for everyone, where finding the right solutions to problems turned out to be much easier and the progress of incidents also quicker to consult than with the previously used tool. "When we rolled out Freshworks' ITSM tool, we saw that the adoption of Freshservice was fast and very high. Tickets and incidents also got resolved much faster. We even gave Freshservice its own nickname: ServeMe".


Expanding capabilities across teams

In addition to IT support staff, other departments also expressed interest in Freshservice. One cross-functional department within Schoeller Allibert already has its own software, but it was not optimal & therefore didn’t serve the purpose. The visibility and timelines of internal requests were not clear and there arose interest to explore the functionalities of Freshservice. The ball started rolling.

Rana adds: "Rajat Jain, one of our IT Solutions expert, contacted Freshworks with the request to implement Freshservice for ‘inter-company’ transactions & tickets which includes product related enquires, issuing quality certificates for our products, etc. They are now using it and satisfaction is equally high. It has not stopped there; the HR & Finance teams have already approached us with the question of whether there is potential for Freshservice in their departments. The ease of using Freshservice is the reason for this success. The quality of the UX is so high that it proved to be a massive hit across the entire organization".


Boosting customer satisfaction

Internal research, carried out by Schoeller Allibert, measured two different levels of satisfaction with ITSM tools. In 2019, the satisfaction score of the tools and services provided by Schoeller Allibert was around 50%. In 2020, after implementation of Freshservice, this percentage jumped to 78%. Another remarkable difference can be found in the number of tickets. Where previously the number of tickets was between 300-400 per month, it is now around 800 - 900 tickets.

Due to Schoeller Allibert's international nature, an additional challenge was the coordination of the regional users with the centralized IT services offered. It often happened that local teams did not make their problems known through the central desk. As a result, the IT team had no insight into many of the regional IT issues in other countries. This problem was also solved by the user-friendliness of Freshservice, which is now popular with the local teams.


Building an AI-powered automated future

As Schoeller Allibert continues to scale, automation using artificial intelligence will play a key role. AI solutions such as chatbots, and  automatic ticket allocation are expected to simplify the IT services process.

Rana sees massive potential at Schoeller Allibert: "It is undeniable that users will be better served with automated solutions. A problem that is solved within a minute after notification results in a satisfied user who does not waste any time waiting. They are happy, and so are we. From the support side, it saves a lot of time, if the solution for repetitive questions can be generated automatically based on an earlier answer. For example, such an automation will save the agents a lot of work and will reduce the pressure during a major incident.”

“Ultimately, better automation will contribute to the chain in which Schoeller Allibert and Freshworks strongly believe: happy employees ensure happy customers and therefore a positive result within Schoeller Allibert.”

Ranadeep Sarkar

Director Service Delivery, Information Security

Schoeller Allibert