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Abingdon, UK

  • Non-user-friendly legacy platform

  • Knowledge silos

  • Visibility & Ownership of service requests

  • Lack of uniform ITSM processes & service SLAs

About RPS

Founded in 1970, RPS is a leading global professional services firm that defines, designs, and manages projects across six sectors viz. property, energy, transport, water, resources, and defence & government services.

Headquartered in Abingdon, UK, the 5000 employee company spans 125 countries with 250 diverse service areas including project and program management; design and development; water services; environment; advisory and management consulting; exploration and development; planning and approvals; health, safety, and risk; oceans and coastal; laboratories; training, communication and creative services.

The Challenge

When Pablo Treber, Service Delivery Director of Global Service Desk, joined RPS Group, he was tasked with evaluating the existing ITSM tool, reviewing the state of maturity of ITIL processes and introducing a new IT service management solution. 

The key objective was to deliver the fast, flexible support services users need to work effectively and efficiently, applying analytics and intelligence to drive continuous improvement.

The Global Service Desk would need to:

  • Provide multi-channel, multi-device access to support services 

  • Create a positive experience, whilst enabling greater efficiency and effectiveness to the business 

  • Capture and analyze the huge volumes of support usage data

  • Harness this data to generate intelligence and understand the business context for process improvements. 

The team quickly began evaluating the existing services. “We found that we were using a tool developed in-house which was not very user-friendly. It could take a couple of minutes to just log a ticket. There were no well-defined processes, incidents/service requests/changes/problems/tasks were all considered the same thing without distinction or different workflows and there was no CMDB to support other processes” said Mr. Treber. 

The biggest challenge was the knowledge silos and maturity of the IT function when it came to adherence to uniform processes across all regions. The old solution had no support and lacked CMDB and Service Catalog capabilities. There was no user interface or a portal to engage users and log incidents or service requests. 

Pablo and his team began their search for a new IT Service Desk solution that would give the organisation ease of integration, great support, and improved usability with minimal impact as they moved to a new solution.


As a global organisation, the RPS Tech Team needed to balance the requirements of multiple stakeholders across different geographies. They were looking for an IT Service Management solution that was ITIL compliant, modern, and scalable, and with a strong incident management capability. Switching to a new tool also provided an opportunity for them to update outdated internal processes and ways of working. 

The evaluation team at RPS looked at 4 products in total. Pablo and the evaluation team selected Freshservice, Freshworks’ ITSM solution suite, because of the ease-of-implementation, usability, value for money, and support.

With a globally aligned go-live, RPS launched Freshservice across North America, Europe, and Australia Asia Pacific region. To drive adoption, the team sent out communications via the company intranet, shared videos, and trained all stakeholders on how to use the Freshservice portal for logging in incidents and service requests.


With Freshservice, RPS has been able to fulfil its objective of defining organisation-wide ITSM processes and policies. They now have a pool of knowledge articles on Freshservice’s Service Catalog to support users and handle shift-left between Tier 3 teams and the Global Service Desk team.

Tracking and solving incidents or service requests from users has become easier, and as a result, are now more able to track the achievement of SLAs. Everyone has visibility to the state of IT service and assets globally. This has brought about a paradigm change within RPS in terms of bringing people and information together. “I have to say that I am very happy with Freshservice. The support I have been receiving is brilliant,” said Mr. Treber.

The Future

In the next phase of implementation, RPS plans to augment its Global Service Desk with Event and Change management capabilities of Freshservice. In the future, they will also automate and integrate their IT Operations Management tools with Freshservice, specifically for alert management. They also plan to leverage Freshservice’s capabilities to service clients and external stakeholders. “A single service platform will bolster our capability and allow RPS to provide efficient services to all stakeholders, independently from where the support agents are located,” said Mr. Treber. 

“A single service platform will bolster our capability and allow RPS to provide efficient services to all stakeholders, independently from where the support agents are located”

Pablo Treber

Service Delivery Director of Global Service Desk