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How do you allow almost 300 employees worldwide to work undisturbed on their PCs, laptops, tablets and phones? Global merchant acquirer‎ Payvision’s one-stop-shop solution for IT support made all of this a lot easier. From service management, incident management, and access management to asset management - it significantly boosted the satisfaction of the Workplace Services’ activity and other departments and processes.

Dutch company Payvision is part of ING and offers payment services to merchants in over 26 countries worldwide. Since its start in 2002, the company has grown substantially. As a result, the amount of work for the Workplace Services department also increased. "We provide first-, second- and third-line support for all workstations," says Alex Anheuer, Manager Workplace Services at Payvision. "We make sure that all services, endpoints, and applications work and are available.”


The work involves more than dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently. Anheuer: "Identity access management is also a big part of the job: granting, modifying, and terminating access rights and keeping them up to date. We also register all applications, servers, laptops, and other assets, and we keep track of IT infrastructure changes. In addition, we spend a lot of time on the internal, industry, and government-sourced compliance requirements. Our policies and work processes need to adhere to these requirements.  The change lifecycle we put in place allows us to lockdown a flow for change requests which cannot be tampered with, which is a thing that auditors love.”

Company-wide support solution

Workplace Services previously worked with different ticketing systems. "Our first ticketing system offered limited functionality. The second system turned out to be very complex. What we wanted was a one-stop-shop solution that could easily be deployed throughout the entire company," says Anheuer. Payvision was already using Freshdesk Support Desk, Freshworks' customer support software, for external customer support. That’s how Anheuer came across Freshworks' solution for IT service management software: Freshservice. 

Benefits of the cloud

Payvision was quick to choose Freshservice, as it offers a wide range of functionalities and works very intuitively. Also, Anheuer strongly preferred a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. "With SaaS, there is much less maintenance and management. New functions are available immediately, and you don't have to implement them yourself.” Another advantage of Freshservice is that it runs on a large, and therefore stable and reliable infrastructure. And it is located in Europe, so there is no need to worry about GDPR compliance. On top of that, the solution is accessible worldwide.

Workflow automator favorite

The transition to Freshservice was finalized within a few months. Anheuer: "First, we transferred our old system’s functions: incident management and processing service requests. Step by step, we implemented these functions within different teams to see if everything was running smoothly. For example, we did this with the automated processes for processing tickets, for which you use the workflow automator. You can set up specific rules to determine the workflow of a ticket: where does it go, and what is the status, etc.” This is Anheuer's favorite function. "It allows you to stay in control of the automatic handling of tickets, and not be dependent on a software supplier. I really like that.”

More functions

Payvision gradually expanded the use of Freshservice. Anheuer: "Some of our teams, such as the security teams, only use it for incident management. But we also do identity access management, which is for example very important for incoming service requests. And our infrastructure team uses the change management module to register and approve all changes. Also, different DevOps teams use Freshservice for incident response, service requests, and change registration. The analytics module is used to stay on top of trends and provide reports to management."

Clear view of all assets 

Workplace Services also uses Freshservice for asset management. "We have stored all of our services’ components - every server, every database, every piece of software - in a configuration management database. I used to keep track of this manually, in an Excel spreadsheet. But now, we are building software to link all those components. This will provide a very clear overview. If, for example, a server goes down, we can immediately tell which services that affect.”

Virtual servers are also stored as assets in the database. Anheuer: "We built our own API for this. We also use APIs in Freshworks Marketplace if we need a functionality that is not a standard in Freshservice.”

Main application

Payvision is also considering deploying alert management in Freshservice. “The idea is that by connecting all our monitoring systems with the Freshservice alert management module, we have a single pane of glass to see all issues and have incident tickets created based on these alerts. This will also tie in with our asset management showing us again what services would be affected and who needs to be notified," says Anheuer. Payvision intends to keep developing the Freshservice solution. "It should become one of our most important products in terms of processes, IT, and compliance.” Anheuer is in close contact with Freshworks about new developments and possible improvements.    

Faster handling of requests

Anheuer is thrilled about the results Payvision achieves with Freshservice. "We are handling incidents and service requests faster and more efficiently, complying to our guidelines. All information is in one place with a very clear overview. Tickets are no longer assigned to a single person, but a team. This way, all tickets will always be handled - even when someone isn't available.” Internal collaboration also improved. "You can see who is responsible for an asset and you can involve that person in a ticket without having to send separate emails about it." 

Other departments also have access to Freshworks, such as the developers who are constantly working on innovation and change management. Anheuer: "They can see all the changes we make.” Another example is data scientists. "They use an API to extract data from Freshservice to conduct analyses to improve processes." 

‘Extremely satisfied’

Workplace Services also makes its own analyses in Freshservice. Anheuer: "For example, we use a dashboard to report on change management every month. We also use reports to provide insight into what is happening. How many tickets are coming in? How quickly do we respond? But also: how often are we too late? This way, we get valuable insights that help us improve where necessary. Because for us, the most important thing is that our customers and the employees of Payvision are satisfied.”

And that definitely seems to be the case. "Because we're managing and handling tickets faster, satisfaction skyrocketed. 98% of the users say they are 'extremely satisfied' after handling a ticket and give us a smiley face."

“Because we're managing and handling tickets faster, satisfaction skyrocketed. 98% of the users say they are 'extremely satisfied' after handling a ticket, and give us a smiley face.”

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Alex Anheuer

Manager Workplace Services