Industry :

Personal Hygiene Solutions

Location :

Erembodegem, Belgium

Usage :

IT Support

  • Rigid on-prem tool

  • Scalability across multiple locations

  • Low SLA adherence

  • Streamlining the workflow

Favourite Features :
  • Workflow Automator

  • Service Catalog

  • Custome Agent Dashboards

Customer Satisfaction


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About Ontex

Ontex is a leading international producer of personal hygiene solutions for babies, women, and adults. Their expertise, international reach, and high-quality products make them the partner of choice for consumers, retailers, institutional and private healthcare providers around the world. In the 35 years since starting in Belgium, they have expanded their business internationally with offices and manufacturing plants across 20 countries. With a total strength of about 11000 employees, they currently cater to over 110 countries in 6 different continents.

Problems with the on-premise ITSM tool

Ontex employed an on-premise tool to manage its IT support and services. The tool was slow to scale and adapt to Ontex’s changing business landscape. Expanding globally also meant that using an on-premise solution was going to be cumbersome and expensive. To address their evolving business needs, Ontex decided to look out for a cloud-based service desk solution that was robust and easy to use.

What does Ontex’s ideal ITSM solution look like?

In line with their global expansion, Ontex was on the lookout for a user-friendly cloud solution that could scale with the company. Their ideal ITSM platform would allow them to manage their internal IT services, help them operate faster, and also be flexible to their evolving service management needs. With this in mind, the IT team at Ontex evaluated multiple online tools in the market before narrowing down on Freshservice. Freshservice satisfied all of Ontex’s requirements. It was cloud-based, scalable, and flexible to the company’s growing demands. The wide range of business app integrations and out of the box solutions offered fast time to value.

Improving the IT environment at Ontex with Freshservice

The Brazil office was the first to implement and adopt Freshservice to manage its internal IT services in 2018. Seeing success with the new ITSM platform, Ontex decided to scale Freshservice across all their offices. With Freshworks’ Direct Partnership Model, Ontex effortlessly implemented and configured Freshservice according to their operational needs. In July 2018, Ontex Brazil started using Freshservice with 35 agents across 20 groups (L1, L2, and L3) and 1000+ end users. Today, 200 agents use Freshservice to manage their internal IT services and support 5500 end users. From the time Ontex started using Freshservice, they have been able to hit many milestones in a short period of time.

Service Catalog adoption

Previously, phone calls were the primary source of incoming tickets for Ontex’s service desk. Since they went live with Freshservice, the seamless user experience has reduced the number of calls made to the service desk by 40%.

Freshservice’s intuitive user interface ensures that the end-users had a hassle-free experience in identifying and acquiring the exact services they needed. This played a key role in making the employees reduce using phone calls to raise requests, and adopt the service catalog. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In 2019, Ontex has achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 93% after introducing Freshservice into their IT landscape. This improvement was measured using a CSAT survey that was conducted among the end-users by their internal IT team. Freshservice’s ease of use has played a key role in increasing service desk adoption. 

Improved Agent Productivity

The service desk team auto-assigns incoming tickets to the right agent groups using the powerful graphical workflow automator feature in Freshservice. This reduced manual efforts and increased overall agent productivity.

““From an IT perspective, Freshservice is well aligned with our global IT structure and has helped us attain maturity in managing our IT services. It has also been instrumental in aligning our teams located across different countries and bring complete visibility into our global IT operations.””

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