United Kingdom



  • Lack of cloud support
  • Inefficient processes
  • Lack of incident management
  • Self-service
  • Automation
  • Change management
  • CSAT survey
  • Announcements
  • Dispatch’r and Scheduler
  • Email ticket creation

About Moneycorp

Moneycorp (TTT Moneycorp Limited) is a UK company offering foreign exchange services to individual and corporate customers. The company provides bulk foreign notes and travel money services via a number of travel companies and airlines, and dealt with more than 90 currencies in the past year. In Moneycorp’s head office in London, a small IT team of service desk agents provide IT support for one of their 4 main offices and 45 branches.


Moneycorp was on the lookout for a new ITSM solution that took care of their existing IT support issues. Moneycorp chose Freshservice to benefit from the cloud model’s upgrades, and also for its simple and intuitive interface that could be handled by its considerably small IT team of 6 agents in an office.

Solution we provided

Prior to Freshservice, Moneycorp was using the ITSM tool Hornbill which provided no insight into work or any way to identify improvement opportunities. Agents also couldn’t see the history and context of the tickets they were working on, or gain any insight into customer feedback. Getting started with Freshservice, the team found that setting up Freshservice was incredibly easy and surprisingly quick. Ease of use was just as important. Once Moneycorp switched to Freshservice, they started to see day-to-day benefits.

“When a tool is intuitive and easy to use, you’re more likely to explore and make the most of all the tool’s functionalities.”

Kenneth Byrne

Director of IT


Key Successes

Moneycorp loved that Freshservice automatically creates tickets from incoming emails. Self-service portal usage went up 33% – again saving the service desk team time. Freshservice’s incident management module’s intuitive UI also helped the team use the ticketing functionalities to resolve the 4000+ tickets they had pending. Secondly, Moneycorp’s team love the time-saving, automation capabilities. Using Dispatch’r allows the users to categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets to the right agents while the Scheduler tool is used for task management to create a checklist for both the start and the end of the day.

The Moneycorp IT team also uses the announcements feature to communicate to end-users – from updates about maintenance and downtime to daily reminders to log off computers.

After Moneycorp adopted Freshservice, every resolved ticket automatically sent out a customer satisfaction survey. This has helped them better gauge the impact of their work and quantify the quality of support. Since Freshservice’s implementation, Moneycorp’s efficiency and productivity levels have shown quick improvement. Moneycorp can now work on scalability of its company instead of being bogged down by multiple IT support issues.

Self-service portal usage