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IT Support

  • No cloud capabilities
  • Difficult-to-use tool
  • Simple UI
  • ITIL-aligned modules
  • Box integration
  • Plugins and integrated tools
  • Automation


About Mipsmedia

Mipsmedia is a leading global provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consulting and management services. They specialize in providing IT services to small and medium sized organizations that need help with their technology environment due to recent growth, complexity, insufficient staffing or lack of knowledge. Mipsmedia is grounded in a Service Oriented Philosophy.


Mipsmedia needed a modern ITSM tool to improve its internal IT support process. While using ConnectWise to take care of their IT needs, they found that it was hard to use and maintain.

Solution we provided

On deciding to shift to a complete online service desk software, Mipsmedia chose Freshservice over Zendesk and Autotask – citing that the former was too basic and the latter was similar to ConnectWise, packed with too many features they didn’t really need. According to Mipsmedia, Freshservice provides their IT team with all the features they need. Aside from being easy to use, it has integrations with popular tools they use and powerful automation to reduce manual efforts. Mipsmedia saw increased operational efficiency, quicker resolution, improved rating of 71% against SLA, and reduced overheads in their IT department after implementing Freshservice.


Freshservice’s ticketing system combined with automations like the Supervisor and Dispatch’r took care of over 50% redundant tickets. Scheduler allowed them to schedule their free on-site visits – translating to time saved. However, Mipsmedia’s biggest victory with Freshservice was the Box integration – considering that all their tickets in the service desk came with attachments. The ability to attach files to tickets provided more context to their 3 agents as well as end-users – leading to quicker resolution rates and better employee experience.

Currently, Mipsmedia’s IT team is leveraging LogMeIn Rescue, Google Calendar, DropBox, and Quickbooks integrations in Freshservice and are planning to extend use to Docusign, Pagerduty, and Project Management Software. Being able to connect their favorite plugins and tools is helping them scale up IT processes along with the growth of their business.