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IT & Facility Management

  • Cumbersome manual processes
  • Absence of useful reports
  • Absence of self-service capabilities
  • Lack of SLA management
  • CSAT
  • Automation Rules
  • Gamification
  • Service Catalog



First Call Resolution


Customer satisfaction


About ISG

International Schools Group (referred to as ISG) is a conglomerate of accredited international schools based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The group is renowned for providing American and British education to expatriate families and students based in KSA.
The core objective of ISG IT department is to provide end-to-end technical support to the school staff, ensure efficient management of daily IT operations and align with the expectations of Director, School Principals and Superintendent to ensure seamless focus on student learning.Freshservice proved suitable for ISG IT department’s requirements and helped them achieve 98% excellent customer satisfaction.

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IT Department at ISG provides services to 7 schools and business offices which include a staff of 800 teachers, administrators and senior management.
The IT Helpdesk team at ISG comprises of two sub divisions, one caters to the technical requests while the second one manages maintenance and engineering related requests. Here are some of the challenges faced by ISG IT department before using Freshservice:

  • Manual processes to manage issues & request allocation
  • Manual tracking of emails
  • Absence of useful reports to gauge performance of the team members
  • End user/customer satisfaction issues
  • SLA management and statistics
  • Absence of Self-service Capabilities
  • Performance insights & reporting

Manual nature of processes and absence of a proper tool to measure customer satisfaction led the IT Manager to search for an ITIL based service desk solution.

Solution we provided

Prior to using Freshservice, ISG IT team was dependent primarily on manual processes to resolve the service requests. Romarc Alcoriza, IT Manager at ISG tried multiple helpdesk tools such as ManageEngine, MojoDesk, Zoho, ZenDesk, Spicework and SysAid before selecting Freshservice as they did not find the features or service satisfactory.
Romarc found Freshservice while searching for an ITSM/ITIL helpdesk tool on google search engine. After using Freshservice trial version for a month, it was unanimously selected as the ITSM tool for streamlining the service request management at ISG.

Freshservice fared far better than all other tools on most of the parameters, especially featuring high on ease of integration with ISG’s email suite (Google Apps). Few other features which helped make the decision include:

  • Satisfaction report to allow for identification of areas of improvement
  • Track & Monitor tickets raised in the tool along with detailed logs corresponding to the ticket (including detailed conversation between IT team and end-users)
  • Ability to track the number of incident requests and service requests received
  • Define SLAs based on specific requirements & schedules at ISG
  • Customize the helpdesk portal and define fields for end user
  • Customizable URL for helpdesk portal
  • Ensure secure data integration with Google Authentication

ISG selected Freshservice as it suited the immediate needs and provided requisite customizations based on ISG’s processes. When compared to market peers, Freshservice met the expectations on overall cost and efficiency.

“The implementation of Freshservice in our organization has proved its value from day one. Easy to use with a great front-end and it allowed us to provide a world-class helpdesk service to our customers within minutes of going live. Our customers are reaping the benefits of better turnaround times and improved service-levels!”

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Alexander van Iperen


International Schools Group


ISG IT department was resolving the issues prior to implementation of Freshservice also but the team observed declining number of “Incidents” and incline in “Service Requests” after using Freshservice.
Freshservice has played a pivotal role in transforming IT team’s role from a complaint lodging system to an effective service management tool. The tool has helped ISG IT department move towards 100% excellence which has highly boosted the moral confidence and hence productivity of the department.

“Having Freshservice as our ITSM tool helps us get feedback from our faculties and staff. The reports we're generating from these feedback not only motivates us on every “Excellent” review that we get, it also provides clear indication on where we can improve further. Freshservice definitely provides value to ISG.”

romarc alcoriza 2x
Romarc Alcoriza

IT Manager

International Schools Group

Another noteworthy aspect highlighted by the IT team is Freshservice’s round the clock support.

In addition, following features have been highly appreciated and rates as favorite by the ISG IT department:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey/Report
  • Ability to set up and manage Service Catalog
  • Allocate, Manage and Monitor Tasks
  • Different types of user roles such as Dispatcher, Observer and Supervisor
  • Gamification feature adds flavour of fun to the whole process