South America


Facilities, HR, Admin, IT, Finance, Hospitality

  • Lack of ITSM solution
  • Emails and spreadsheets as tools
  • Unavailability of performance insight
  • Lack of processes and structure
  • Inability to track or log incidents
  • Too much manual effort
  • Mobile app
  • Service catalog
  • Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Knowledge base


INCAE Business School is a private, non-profit, multinational, higher-education organization devoted to teaching and research endeavors in the fields of business and economics aimed at training and instructing, from a worldwide perspective, individuals capable of successfully holding top management positions in Latin America. Since its inception it has had the technical supervision of the Harvard Business School.


As one of the best schools in Latin America, INCAE business school wanted to make a global technology transformation to improve its service management and IT support for users. Their solution was to get Freshservice onboard to provide better service delivery, an organized system, and better processes throughout the organization.

Solution we provided

INCAE chose Freshservice over three other tools it evaluated, Request Tracker, Salesforce Desk, and Zendesk. They found it more accessible and more suited to the varied needs of their multiple teams. Aside from this, the simple UI and easy-to-use portal made it easy to adopt across the organization. It also helped that INCAE could quickly get to work with the familiar keyboard shortcuts in Freshservice, which are similar to Google’s.

“We use Freshservice in a way nobody else did before – by using it in many teams that aren’t just IT. It’s efficient and exactly what we wanted.”

Juan Ramone Dorte

Social IT Director

INCAE Business School


There’s been a dramatic drop in the amount of manual work everyone’s been doing since Freshservice was implemented. Added to that, INCAE found that it was able to provide much better service with the service desk’s efficient and organized ticketing system. The tickets get assigned to the relevant person, and there’s no question of overstepping or delay as it simply gets reassigned if needed, letting users prioritize their issues. The service desk has changed the way people perceive its employees – seeing them as the people who get things done without needing constant follow-up. Its interaction with clients had changed dramatically, and the culture is a lot friendlier. It was found that customers were giving a lot more feedback about every service that they were receiving. INCAE attributed it to the drastic improvement in its service delivery.