Human Capital Management




IT Support

  • Email processes
  • No ITSM tool
  • Incident tracking issues
  • Manual workload
  • Time wastage and redundancy
  • Couldn’t plan ahead
  • Request process
  • Knowledge base
  • Canned responses
  • Automation
  • Incident management
  • Integration
  • Service catalog

About Presence of IT

Presence of IT is a leading consultancy and provider of the world's foremost Human Capital Management solutions. They provide thought leadership, strategy, process improvement, software selection advice, implementation, hosting and operational support services to many of the world's largest private and public sector organisations.


Presence of IT needed to improve its IT service management (ITSM), IT support and service delivery. They were relying completely on email – the lean IT team of 3 had to handle tickets from over 500 employees this way. This, among other issues that affected its day-to-day work, proved to be cumbersome and time-consuming and they wanted an in-house system to streamline IT support.

Solution we provided

After ruling out alternatives like JIRA and Zendesk as they proved unsuitable in terms of user experience, Presence of IT chose Freshservice as its service desk software to help enhance its operations, efficiency, and ease the workload of its internal IT team. Apart from seeing an organization-wide improvement in visibility, accountability, and reduced manual efforts, the team benefitted from saving 60% of its time while handling tickets with freshservice.


Freshservice’s biggest impact in Presence of IT was increased overall efficiency, and automation of redundant processes – which has drastically simplified work for the agents, and proven successful for scalability. As with any email-based support, prior to Freshservice, it was found that multiple agents used to attend to the same ticket – which wasted their resources and frustrated the end-users. Besides the significant improvement across the team’s service delivery and quality, Freshservice aided in improving its customer satisfaction even though they are under-resourced. Not to mention improved accountability. The time taken to resolve tickets has reduced dramatically with Freshservice, with a mere 3 agents (1 working part-time) handling close to a whopping 9000 tickets. Currently, Presence of IT is exploring asset management in Freshservice so as to streamline its workflows and make extensive use of the service catalog