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  • Lack of centralized IT support.
  • Disintegrated operations using disparate systems.
  • Lack of work tracking mechanism.
  • Lack of automated workflow.
  • IT Service Automation
  • Incident Management
  • Service catalogues

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About Grant Broadcasters

Grant Broadcasters is a media organization based out of Australia focusing on regional radio and publishing media. The company has offices in over 34 locations spread across 5 states, and has four IT support officers working in different states providing support to all the users. Grant Broadcasters selected Freshservice to centralize and efficiently manage IT support operations at the company.


Grant Broadcasters’ primary challenge with respect to IT support was silos. The geographically distributed nature of the company sites necessitated individual teams to firefight IT issues on an ad-hoc basis. This meant the use of disparate tools and service processes specific to each site. IT Support as a function was highly fragmented, with little in the way of performance or knowledge management.

Ken Ngo-Ralston, IT Manager for Grant Broadcasters had his work cut out to engineer a turnaround. Ken recounts the following pillars as his vision for rejuvenating IT support at Grant Broadcasters

  • A centralized IT support management structure
  • Effective tracking, measurement and reporting of support performance
  • Empowering self-service and Knowledge Management adoption by end users

Solution we provided

Freshservice offered the centralized IT service and support structure that was sought by Ken’s team. The consolidated IT support network meant IT agents had a more in-depth view of IT issues plaguing the various sites of the organization. This was a direct result of agents now possessing the capability to capture every single task associated with typical IT support activities.

Ken’s team was able to significantly reduce redundancies and workloads associated with IT support provisioning. Detailed service documentation and efficient knowledge management reduced the number of repeat tickets and led to an increase in end users solving simple issues on their own. Routing logic powered by Freshservice’s automation capabilities assigned tickets on the basis of predefined rules, greatly eliminating overheads and significantly improving First Call Resolution rates.

Importantly, Freshservice was a refreshing new take on tackling age old challenges at Grant Broadcasters. Freshservice’s user interface was easy to get to grips with thanks to the simple learning curve. Freshservice’s integrative nature was instrumental in ensuring seamless connectivity to Grant Broadcaster’s existing systems ensuring no disruption to the business during implementation.

“Agents are happier after implementation of Freshservice. Top Management has also observed the benefits and this has resulted in usage of Freshservice being expanded to multiple teams across broadcasting, payroll, and engineering.”

Ken Ngo-Ralston

Group IT Manager

Grant Broadcasters


Prior to the implementation of Freshservice, the IT support team had 200 open tickets at any given point of time. This reduced drastically to 40 after implementation of Freshservice.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of tickets received which combined with the reduction in open tickets showcases how Freshservice helped Grant Broadcasters build a robust and efficient ticket resolution system.

Ease of usage of Freshservice ensured implementation across fourteen groups and now thirty users are using Freshservice besides the four users in IT support.

Open tickets 200 40
Customer Satisfaction Score Not measured 94.81%
Average SLA Not measured 90%
Average FCR Not measured 88.67%