Legal Process Management

  • Quicker first response
  • Tracking ticket status
  • Task management
  • Verifiable approval trail
  • Self-service adoption
  • Service Catalog
  • Knowledge Base
  • SLA Customization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Docusign Integration

Self-service portal adoption


Average resolution time

2 days

SLA consistency


About Freshworks Legal

The in-house legal team of Freshworks advises on various aspects of the business including mergers and acquisitions, general corporate commercial advisory, compliance, employment laws, litigation, data privacy, trademarks, patents, open source licenses, vendor agreements, terms of service, takedown requests, contracts review and negotiation and administering corporate governance policies.

Problem statement

SLAs of a legal team aren’t flexible and adherence to the agreed upon timeframe becomes necessary to avoid legal conflicts. The team needed to have a background on every ticket to be able to provide resolutions at the quickest possible. Streamlining processes, bringing in transparency, managing and justifying the workload on the team were the main requirements.

What we offered

A tool to streamline and manage the end-to-end of legal processes was required. The idea was to track contract approvals, have a central repository of conversations to refer to in case of a claim and maintain continuity in audit trail. Freshservice offered these and also tracked the performance metrics, generated reports and had a customizable self-service portal for commonly raised legal queries.

“The biggest challenge when choosing a Legal Process Management tool is finding the right balance between the features offered and the features you actually require. Every tool we tried was either too clunky with features we didn’t need or too costly for the functionality offered. Freshservice is the right fit for any lean legal team”

akshaya suresh
Akshaya Suresh

Legal Counsel



Apart from streamlining the legal process of Freshworks, a central knowledge repository was set up and helped in ticket deflection. Approval process and signing was made simpler. Initial response time went up, employee interaction went down and adherence to timelines boosted the efficiency of the team.

Avg First Response Time

Avg Customer Interaction


Customer Satisfaction