IT, General Services

  • Couldn’t track performance
  • Couldn’t track CSAT
  • Use of Excel to track metrics
  • Multiple tools used
  • Service catalog
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • SLAs
  • Gamification
  • Self-service portal

About Serimax

A subsidiary of Vallourec, Serimax provides integrated welding solutions for both onshore and offshore operations under extreme circumstances and complex environments, adapting its offer to meet the needs and specific requirements of its customers. Serimax has more than 800 employees working in over 20 different countries.


The lack of a full-fledged ITSM system was frustrating and made coordinating difficult. The main goal was to implement a fully-functional cloud-based solution that would better streamline processes and workflows and let Serimax coordinate effectively between their centers. They also wanted the ability to track specific performance and CSAT indicators, which they couldn’t do through Domino, their old tool.

Solution we provided

After testing and evaluating Zendesk, LanDesk, and Freshservice, the IT team unanimously chose Freshservice as it was the easiest to understand and implement as well as intuitive to use for both end users and administrators. The cloud model meant that there were no complications with hardware and that it was accessible from anywhere and any device. They were able to consolidate IT tickets and General Service into one tool, rather than using two, making daily ticket management much simpler. The default reporting options in Freshservice greatly reduced their time spent collecting and analysing KPIs.

“Freshservice is extremely easy to setup and easy to use - both at the agent and end user level.”

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Marie-Alice Calando

IT Operations Director


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