IT Support

  • Fragmented business units
  • Multiple tools
  • Ineffective automation
  • Lack of analytics and data
  • Automation
  • Mobile app
  • Asset management
  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Project management
  • Project management
  • Kbase

About East West

Founded as East West Resorts in Beaver Creek, Colorado, in 1986, East West Destination Hospitality currently has 1200 employees, manages assets worth $1.2 billion and has a portfolio consisting of 350 luxury vacation rentals, 5 timeshare resorts, 2 urban developments, 2 planned communities and 1 resort hotel. When they decided to consolidate their business units after the recession, they found it difficult as they still had pocketed support systems. Enter Freshservice.


Problem statement

EastWest was highly fragmented and each unit had their own IT and HR teams using different tools, such as Zendesk and BMC Track-It (which the central IT team used and found clunky and unresponsive). They decided to find a single platform that addressed all their different needs, and would help them streamline their processes with better systems and automation.


What we offered

EastWest needed an ITSM system they could implement quickly, to manage their numerous assets. After looking at several options, they stumbled upon Freshservice and the product trial sealed the deal. Implementation went well, and exceeded their already high expectations. They found Freshservice to be a powerful tool that helped them implement and optimize systems and processes, and was versatile enough to address each department and unit’s need. Senior management and employees were onboarded in no time.

“The things that really brought us to Freshservice were asset management and contract management. Each of our business units was doing things differently and no one was really doing well. Then when we had a demo of Freshservice to see how we could leverage and standardize things across units, we really liked its features. In fact, contract management was not even something that we were looking at, but having it really brought us along.”

jared west 2x
Jared West

Operations Manager for IT

East West

The results

EastWest extensively uses the ticketing, asset management and contract management modules, and love the solution article feature, which has changed the way they handle documents and solved several issues they had in the past. The advanced analytics and reporting features provide quality data, something they had been eagerly looking for and not found when using BMC Track-It over the previous 10 years. Overall, ‘fantastic’ is the word Jared West, Operations Manager for IT, would use to describe Freshservice. They are currently working on using Freshservice to finetune their SLAs.