IT Support

  • No remote access
  • Lack of context
  • Frequent crashes
  • On-premise tool
  • Cloud delivery model
  • User and agents roles
  • Customizable workflow
  • Intuitive UI

About DMG Group

Distribution Management Group Inc. (DMG) commenced operations in the warehousing and distribution business in February 1985. Over the years, DMG has built its reputation and business through outstanding customer service and personal knowledge of its customers’ business needs and the needs of its customers’ customers. DMG has grown to the size it is today with two warehouse facilities comprising over 655,000 square feet and has become a major provider of warehousing and distribution services, both domestically as well as internationally. DMG also operates a U.S. customs bonded container freight station.


DMG has a small IT operations team comprising administrators, technicians, and programmers who take care of the warehouse management software. They were using BMC Track-It! and due to several malfunctions and heavy maintenance (as it was an on-premise solution), they decided to move to a cloud delivery model where they would not need to maintain the data centers themselves. They had to rule out Zendesk, JIRA and a few other options for being too clunky and difficult to use before they settled on Freshservice.

Solution we provided

DMG really liked Freshservice for the smooth and intuitive UI. The tool shipped with an easy and highly customizable workflow which let them easily link incidents, problems, changes, and releases with each other in a way no other tool could. They liked the fact that they were able to assign roles and responsibilities to every member in the team as well. It was simple to provide access to employees as well as consultants while bringing them on board and getting them started. Finally, for DMG, a family-run business, cost has always played an important factor. Freshservice provided great value for money for its capabilities and performance.

“It was definitely the best bang for the buck for us.”

Santo Brullo

IT Service Director


Key Successes

DMG has been using Freshservice since early 2015 and are happy with the transition.

Reduced cost: The value of features and ease of access in Freshservice is multiple-folds higher than having an on-premise solution and maintaining it.

Easy setup: With Google Apps for work in place, it was easy for DMG to set up Freshservice, relate emails to tickets, filter, and respond faster. The single sign-on (SSO) feature provided by Freshservice for Google Apps also made it more accessible for the team.

First contact resolution: The intuitive design provided by Freshservice has increased the first contact resolution by 50% for DMG in comparison to Track-It. Now, DMG is automatically able to relate new tickets to existing issues, allowing them to handle it effectively.

Reduced ticket backlogs: The team is able to navigate, filter, retrieve agent details, and know how long a ticket has been pending. This helps managing tickets and issues efficiently.

Reduced Response Time: Freshservice has helped improve the response time for tickets by 80%.

First contact resolution


Response time