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United Kingdom


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About Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer.

The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to create personalized experiences that collect zero-party data at scale, powering cross-channel messaging, and loyalty strategies. All underpinned by an engagement data platform that can scale to meet the changing demands of today's consumer.

Many of the world’s biggest brands, including American Express, Hilton, Coca-Cola, and Vodafone trust Cheetah Digital to help them drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the customer lifecycle.

Cheetah Digital was originally a part of Experian, but in 2017, it broke away to form a standalone company. With this split, the IT operations within the company needed to be re-imagined and streamlined efficiently. With Freshservice, Cheetah Digital has been able to automate IT tasks and improve employee experience. 

Upgrading the ticketing system

When the new IT team was formed, there were a few obvious challenges. There were just four agents on the team, which was insufficient to meet the volume of demands. Additionally, the team had previously only used Experian’s internal tools to manage IT requests, and so it needed a new ticketing system. Since the IT manager already had a good experience with Freshservice, the team decided to finalize it as their ITSM solution. With the implementation of Freshservice, the team began to see a huge improvement in the efficiency of their processes almost overnight, particularly in their ability to engage with users. Unlike traditional IT teams where agents are constantly bombarded with tickets, Cheetah Digital has been on top of their tickets from day 1 thanks to the solution. 

The IT roadmap for the company has always been to be cloud-first. Freshservice’s continuous maturity and stability have helped it become the linchpin of IT operations at Cheetah Digital globally. With Freshservice’s advanced automation features and seamless integrations, the IT team is now fully-equipped to handle the growing volume of IT requests in a smarter way.

Automating their way to higher efficiency

The IT department was aware that in order to successfully scale with increasing demand, automation would be the gamechanger. This is where Cheetah Digital has seen the biggest benefit from using Freshservice. The team uses automation in four key ways:

  • Service Catalogue: The Service Catalogue feature has proved extremely useful in taking mundane operations off the agents’ plate. Previously, they were using Formstack, which was linked to Zapier. But when the team saw how mature the Service Catalogue feature in Freshservice was, they made the switch. Complex tasks are now easily automated using the Service Catalogue. 
  • Freddy AI: Cheetah Digital has created a set of mandatory fields to be filled in when agents log a ticket or request. One of the mandatory fields is ‘Ticket Category’, which helps management understand what kinds of tickets are coming in as a whole. Freshservice’s AI tool, Freddy, has been particularly useful in helping agents fill in this field. The automatic Field Suggestor provides accurate prompts, which helps agents spend more time on solving the issues for users rather than filling up multiple fields.
  • Employee onboarding: The main ESM-related tool that Cheetah Digital uses is the employee onboarding module that is used extensively by the IT and recruiting teams. Before a new employee joins, the module triggers an email to ask for key information like their social security number, emergency contact, etc. The new hire’s manager will also have to fill in details like their job title, start date and laptop preferences. With effective stakeholder mapping and automatic parent/child ticket creation, child tickets like laptop request and email ID creation are auto-raised to the IT team. 
  • Integration with Slack: Cheetah Digital was one of the first companies that started using the Freshservice bot for Slack. It is now one of the features that the team enjoys the most! There are separate Slack channels for various ticket categories. When a ticket is raised, the relevant channel will be notified immediately through Slack. In this way, not a single ticket is missed. As a result of this integration, the IT department has never had an issue with response times or SLAs because every member of the group is aware when a new ticket comes in. This helps agents respond to tickets within an hour and resolve issues quickly. 
Driving user adoption of the tool

The IT department has been enthusiastic users of Freshservice from the start, but the real success of the solution lies in the extent to which employees are willing to use it.  Like with many IT teams, in the early days of Cheetah Digital, practically all IT requests came in through emails or walk-ups.The team needed a way to track these requests on Freshservice so they didn’t lose the information. To do this, it created a new ticket template called ‘Walk-up’. If an employee did walk up directly to an agent, the agent would resolve their issue but immediately raise a ticket documenting it using the ‘Walk-up’ template. This has helped the IT team accurately track the complexity of the tasks carried out. The flexibility of the tool enables them to customize fields and capture richer data beyond the usual ITSM information. 

Today, as more departments like Finance and HR come onto Freshservice, usage rates are going up. The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated adoption of the solution as employees could no longer physically approach the IT department. Proof of Freshservice’s success lies in the numbers. Starting this year, there has been a 35% increase in the usage of the portal to raise requests. The IT team also conducts a routine CSAT survey and employees have consistently given them a rating of 95-99%. 

Charting a future-facing IT roadmap

2 years after the IT team began to use Freshservice, other departments started to see the benefits of having a sophisticated ticketing system.  Today, the HR, Recruiting and Finance departments at Cheetah Digital also use Freshservice. In fact, usage of the tool within the recruitment team is at 100%. Freshservice has freed up teams within Cheetah Digital from having to work on manual tasks. The solution helps them focus on employee welfare without having to worry about the system in use.