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IT Service Management

  • Very basic and limited ITSM tool
  • Bulk of incoming requests via email
  • Low CSAT ratings
  • Service Catalog
  • Knowledge Base
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Mobile App

First call resolution


Self-service usage


Customer satisifaction


About Centro GS

Centro Global Solutions is a multinational boutique provider of customer contact solutions and business process management. Centro Global Solutions provides call center and business process outsourcing services in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.


CentroGS had a multi-vendor environment to support its operations. The IT support tool in use was an in-house developed solution that managed IT support. However, the existing tool had several drawbacks. The tool was limited by its very basic capabilities. Workload distribution, notification, monitoring and other critical features were unavailable. The bulk of incoming requests came in via email. This overburdened the team inbox and exacerbated existing support challenges. As a result, overall CSAT ratings for the IT support team was very low. After reviewing several tools including ManageEngine and Spiceworks, CentroGS chose Freshservice for its user-friendly experience and wide feature set.

Solution we provided

CentroGS leveraged the Service Catalog to drive self-service among users. CentroGS complemented the Service Catalog with more than 100 plus Knowledge Base articles that catered to both its agents and customers. This greatly reduced the number of incoming tickets and completely eliminated the need for standalone emails as the means of raising IT tickets.

Centro Command Center (CCC) Team also utilized Freshservice’s Change Management module to centrally manage changes to its multiple platforms and vendors. CentroGS was able to analyze issues and carefully plan changes with minimal impact on interconnected teams. Problem Management was used to document resolution steps extensively and implement changes in an efficient manner.

The entire implementation was trouble free and live in 2 weeks from start to finish.

“It was very easy. We just put our imagination to how we wanted the system to work and we had a couple of engineers from Freshservice working with us. It took two weeks to establish the complete system for us”

abey el sayed 2x
Abey El Sayed

Centro Command Center Manager



Freshservice’s automation capabilities greatly reduced the time and effort overheads in ticket management. Tickets were now distributed to agents in a fairer way. Tickets had much more transparency and granularity which meant quicker resolution times and improved customer satisfaction ratings.

CentroGS CCC Team agents found the Freshservice UI to be unique and very easy to get used to. The intuitiveness of the system greatly resonated with the agents who found it as simple to use as a social media platform. The Freshservice app introduced mobility into the system and provided agents, managers and even customers a quick way to receive updates and status.

Wait time   1 Hour 15 Minutes Maximum
First call resolution   60-70%   >90%
Self service usage   20-30%   70-80%
CSAT   80-85%   85-90%
SLA   70-75%   >95%