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Contract catering, accommodation, and facility management services

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  • Incident & Problem Management

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About Cater Care

Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, Cater Care is one of Australia's leading contract catering, accommodation, and facility management service providers. With 207 operating sites, 5,120 meals delivered every day, and 2,456 team members across Australia, Cater Care is passionate about fresh, quality food, and pride themselves on providing the best hospitality and service to their customers and clients. Cater Care defines their business by the quality of food they serve and the experience they provide to their clients and customers.

Problem statement

To keep pace with Cater Care’s rapid change and exceptional service delivery, the company’s internal support teams (IT, Quality, Marketing, HR) required a cloud-based robust ITSM solution to streamline processes and collaborate effortlessly. 

With no prior ITSM solution in place to manage its IT service delivery, Cater Care’s IT team was disjointed and struggled to scale with the company’s growth. Mundane, repetitive tasks ate up most of the agents’ time, leaving them unable to concentrate on the tickets that needed expertise. The IT team was struggling to address and facilitate all the IT-related requests and issues manually. 

The HR team at Cater Care was also battling with similar difficulties without a proper ticketing solution to automate the processes. A team of 6 was handling 200 tickets a month each, entirely over emails. SLA management was poor. There was no reporting, which left them with no feedback for their performance improvements.

Cater Care was in urgent need of a powerful, centralized, and flexible solution.

“The problem we were trying to overcome was the lack of coordination amongst the teams and changing the way support functions interact with the front lines of the business,” said Blair Logan, Head of IT, Cater Care.

A powerful solution

Cater Care was on a lookout for a flexible, agile ITSM solution that could standardize their IT service delivery. After evaluating different ITSM solutions from the likes of ServiceNow, Zendesk, and CentreStage, Cater Care decided to implement Freshservice, Freshworks’ ITSM suite. Blair Logan says, “The best part of Freshservice is its simplicity and obviousness, which made it our preferred choice. It is powerful, easy-to-use, and a robust solution that simplifies our  IT Operations.”

Winning with Freshservice

  •  Increase in user satisfaction

With the average ticket resolution time reducing considerably, user satisfaction rates have increased proportionally. Well-organized Freshservice processes have ignited a change in culture and attitude towards providing IT support, triggering positive user feedback as well. 

  • Visibility across IT and HR operations

Freshservice has provided a strong backbone to Cater Care’s processes, which inevitably led to visibility across all operations. It has become easier for IT and HR specialists to navigate in a clear and visible process hierarchy.

  • Improved agent performance

The IT team could improve agent productivity by triaging incoming tickets, providing ML-powered suggestions and responses, and putting time back into their day to focus on more strategic IT initiatives. Freshservice helped in improving process efficiency and service agility by automating repetitive tasks with powerful workflow automation. With advanced reporting and analytics, Freshservice has provided greater visibility into monitoring SLAs, KPIs, and tailored insights to quantify agent performance.

The HR team has improved its productivity by streamlining and automating tactical employee lifecycle processes such as onboarding, off-boarding, transitions, role changes, relocations, and terminations. The HR personnel can now pivot their focus and time on strategic people-driven initiatives such as talent retention and employee development.

Next steps 

Cater Care plans to implement the Freshservice self-service portal for their procurement, food, payroll, and safety teams as an immediate next step. On seeing results with IT and HR teams, other teams at Cater Care are also inclined to use Freshservice. The company envisions to scale Freshservice to multiple teams and make it a single source of truth that perfectly aligns with their business goals.

“The problem we were trying to overcome was the lack of coordination amongst the teams and changing the way support functions interact with the front lines of the business. Freshservice ticked all our boxes and helped us streamline our processes.”

blair catercare blair catercare
Blair Logan

Head of IT

Cater Care