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  • Lack of visibility

  • Mundane processes and employee burnout

  • Manual escalations

  • Inability to track emails

Favorite Features:
  • Cloud-based & ITIL-aligned 

  • SLA management

  • Easy implementation

  • Escalations

  • Workload automation

About C&K

The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K) is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Australia that offer the highest quality of early childhood education and childcare. They have 350+ centres across Queensland and their vision is to provide the best-in-class education for children at an affordable expense. C&K’s purpose is to guide children’s learning journeys and maximize their life outcomes. 

Challenges with existing ITSM tool 

1. Inability to scale

With more than 100 years in early education and childcare, C&K had recently won a government contract to add nearly 150 centres across Queensland. This led to the need to scale processes, systems, and IT infrastructure at speed. IT agents were flooded with requests and queries from new centres. C&K’s previous ticketing system did not allow them to categorize and route tickets to the right team, affiliated branches could not figure out who to report their grievances to, and C&K’s IT service provision was malfunctioning. The calls were transferred to different people across the organization and emails were tossed to multiple departments before they reached the right point of contact. SLA targets were not met without the priority matrix and SLA management. Ticket resolution took anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks leading to chaos and frustration. 

2. Unmanageable workload and employee burnout

Despite a ticketing system in place, agents continued to receive phone calls and emails due to poor tool adaptability. With mismanaged workload and lack of structure, employee burnout was alarming within the organization. Approvals involved 10-12 pages of handwritten paperwork and uploading this information onto the external government portal.

3. Miscommunication and chaos

C&K struggled with internal communication and end-to-end visibility. Escalations were difficult and employees could not tract, prioritize, and assign tickets efficiently. 

“Unstructured emails, phone calls, and manual processes were plaguing efficiency at C&K. We figured we needed a single portal to raise complaints and queries, a single window to address all grievances, and one efficient system to match our sharp scaling,” says Paul Butler, ICT Manager at C&K. 

A new level of transparency at C&K 

After extensive evaluation of multiple IT service desks, C&K decided on Freshservice. C&K streamlined IT processes and transformed IT service delivery with Freshservice. Information was centralized, workflows were streamlined, and escalations were a breeze.

Winning with multi-channel support and a unified platform

Employees at C&K were enabled to raise tickets on multiple channels like email, service portal, live chat, or even phone calls. Agents could respond and resolve tickets on a single platform without having to toggle between different windows and applications. Admins could auto-assign and escalate tickets to the right groups, automatically prioritize tickets based on urgency, map relationships to dependencies, and schedule recurring tasks as tickets. C&K’s affiliated centres and new branches could also directly use the support portal to raise tickets. 

Prioritizing tasks to achieve operational efficiency

Standardized priorities could be set to quickly resolve major incidents based on their impact and urgency with automatic incident prioritization. On-time resolutions were met by setting multiple SLA-policies and rules based on the business hours and tickets with SLA management. Individual and team performances and incident management processes were measured to identify bottlenecks, make smart decisions to drive operational productivity. 

Liberating agents from redundant tasks

Employees could identify and acquire the exact services they needed from the service catalog. The request fulfillment process was automated and could eliminate errors. C&K could reduce agent workload by providing a user-friendly portal to easily raise and receive requests in no time. The agent workload was reduced by enabling their users to look up solutions from the knowledge base. 

Numbers at a glance
  • The first response time at C&K had come down from 12 to 2 business hours with Freshservice.

  • C&K saved 45 minutes per transaction purely by making use of service catalog, workflow automation, and online approval forms. 

  • The ticket resolution time dropped to 30% with automated assignment and escalations. 

“Freshservice empowered us to provide great support availability, prompt responses, and maintain overall employee experience without breaking a sweat. We could drive excellent efficiencies and also cut down costs”

Paul Butler

ICT Manager

Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K)