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  • Convoluted processes
  • No central ITSM solution
  • Spreadsheet tracking
  • Back-end issues
  • Excessive follow-up
  • External vendors
  • Couldn’t track incidents
  • Email used for support
  • Incident management
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Scheduler
  • Dashboard
  • Ticket filter

About BRC

The Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) is the leading metropolitan horse racing club in Queensland. The BRC’s mission is to grow and develop horse racing in Queensland through driving an improved entertainment experience which increases attendances.

Brisbane Racing Club effectively manages internal IT support to deliver exceptional service across 3 race courses for 98 glamorous race meetings that host 300,000 patrons each year, with just 3 agents. They do this by using Freshservice to provide IT support to their 70 employees.


Brisbane Racing Club was dependant on external MSPs and consultants for IT support. This system was convoluted because of the myriad of processes involved – one to take care of the tech support, another to onboard new employees, and yet another to handle the servers. BRC wanted to be able to resolve employee issues faster, and account for the work that was being carried out to the management. They decided that an in-house team with an ITSM solution would be the answer to their problems.

Solution we provided

BRC loved how easy and intuitive Freshservice was to use, without any training whatsoever. Logging and resolving tickets was a simple process, and all events within the service desk could be tracked and monitored easily. The support team was always available to help out. BRC is using Freshservice extensively for incident management, handling technical support tickets from their employees. They like that everyone’s accountable for resolving tickets, while at the same time enabling timely support for their employees. One of the biggest benefits of Freshservice was the ability to view and track every issue in one spot.

““One of the main reasons we chose Freshservice was their technical support team’s availability. Whenever we had a problem, they’d quickly set up a discussion and help us find our way around.””

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Missy Ivan

Business Systems Analyst

Brisbane racing club


One of the key business improvements with Freshservice is the enhanced delivery of support to their users. According to Brisbane Racing Club, it’s a lot more streamlined now and easier to ensure that all possible tickets are being resolved. Prior to Freshservice, around 50% of BRC’s tickets used to get lost in emails. With Freshservice in place, they’re able to tend to over 90% of the tickets and keep track of all of them easily. They’re also able to better manage and log issues within the IT team in a logical and methodical manner. They can also identify weekly highlights – escalations, major issues, delayed projects, and necessary data points. Brisbane Racing Club is in the process of implementing the service catalog for onboarding new employees, and exploring asset management as well.