IT Support

  • Email processes
  • Fragmented support
  • Unresolved backlog
  • Couldn’t track workload
  • Lack of reporting
  • No ITSM tool
  • Incident management
  • Asset management
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Discovery probe

About BAM Belgium

As a successful European construction group, Royal BAM Group also claims the top market position in Belgium. One of BAM Belgium’s prominent features is its widespread regional network of offices, meaning that the company is always close to its clients. Strong synergy enables the Belgian BAM companies to successfully complete large and technically challenging projects. Together, they represent a turnover of €1 billion, with over 2,100 employees in Belgium.


Earlier, BAM Belgium had five different IT departments with different managers for each – which meant that each team functioned in its own way. After merging the IT teams to one, BAM was still faced with many challenges. With over 2,100 employees in Belgium of which 1,000 work with the laptop, it was becoming increasingly important for BAM Belgium to switch to an ITSM tool.

Solution we provided

BAM Belgium chose Freshservice over Zendesk and an on-premise tool – both of which they found complex to use. Apart from Freshservice being easy to use, they liked the fact that it was cloud-based and therefore easy to maintain. As an ITIL-aligned product, it had all the modues they needed, while being cost-effective and providing reliable support. Initially, BAM Belgium tried Freshservice with only the first line of support, and then later extended it to the entire set of agents.

“I was afraid during the implementation that I might have to do it all alone and figure things out myself. But Freshservice’s support was very good. They supported me through every step of the way.”

Pieter Thewis

Director of IT Operations

BAM Belgium


Aside from realizing the operational benefits of Freshservice, BAM Belgium was pleased with the ability to measure the workload of the ICT team. This led to a lot of clarity among teams as well as up the hierarchy. In the past, BAM Belgium found it difficult to track the amount of work everyone was handling – leading to a lot of tickets left unanswered. With Freshservice in place, they could easily retrieve data about all tickets, and who’s handling what – letting them expand the team based on the reports, and improve their performance in the process. The team especially liked Freshservice’s asset management module that lets them automatically add and update assets with the Discovery Probe.

BAM Belgium’s current SLA is 76%, and even if tickets don’t meet the SLAs, they are definitely resolved. The biggest victory is the ability to handle 25% more tickets with Freshservice and have easy collaboration across teams.