Environmental Services




IT and Operations

  • Legacy on-premise tool
  • Lack of needed capabilities
  • No standard incident management
  • No service/support request process
  • Insufficient reporting
  • Inadequate customizability
  • Service catalog
  • Incident management
  • Intuitive UI
  • Customizable portal

About Averda

Averda is a global provider of integrated waste management services, whose extensive service portfolio addresses a broad range of environmental needs; cleaning and collecting, recovering and recycling, and diverting and disposing of all forms of solid and liquid waste for all industries, among others. With more than 14,000 employees serving millions of people every day, Averda is the largest service provider of its kind.


Averda suffered from the limitations of a legacy on-premise tool. They were on the hunt for a cloud-based ITSM solution to standardize support processes organization-wide and meet the organization’s growing requirements.

Solution we provided

After reviewing multiple tools, Averda decided that Freshservice was perfect for them. As a true cloud offering, Freshservice freed them from the limitations of legacy tools. Additionally, it could be engineered for use across both IT and non-IT functions, which is what Averda needed. The implementation process was simple, quick and part of the package, with seamless migration from the old tool. The powerful service catalog and the intuitive UI allowed for easy adoption. The various robust functionalities meant that a streamlined support process was quickly implemented.

“"Our plan, our vision with Freshservice is to make it a one stop shop for everything and to brand it to a point where I can redirect users to all solutions from the portal itself. We want Freshservice to be the single point for all requests."”

Zenon Oratis

Senior IT Manager



After successfully rolling out Freshservice across Averda’s offices in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Africa, they saw increased adoption across business functions. With a total of 47 agents, a wide array of teams like the Microsoft data-center team, network, telephonic, operational IT, Oracle, and even non-IT teams like HR, began to utilize Freshservice for their help desk needs. Overall, there was a whopping 80% adoption among employees.