IT, Operations, Marketing

  • Email/phone to raise requests
  • Inability to prioritize issues
  • Couldn’t measure KPIs
  • No insight on recurring issues
  • Lack of structure
  • No compliance to standards
  • Lost and unresolved tickets
  • High workload on agents
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Ticket notes
  • Customizable and configurable
  • Reporting
  • Custom view of ticket

About Anne Street Partners

Anne Street Partners is a non-aligned, fully-integrated financial services group that offers clients a complete range of in-house services including financial planning, tax solutions, wealth creation, superannuation strategies, mortgage brokering, insurance, and estate planning. After selecting Freshservice as their ITSM solution for its ease of use and customization abilities, Anne Street Partners saw a significant rise in customer satisfaction.


Without an ITSM tool to manage the service desk, the IT team was bogged down by their workload and was under constant scrutiny from management as tickets often got lost or remained unresolved for months. Lack of a streamlined process to manage incidents further added to their woes. They needed to implement an ITSM solution to streamline their IT support and improve their service delivery.

Solution we provided

After comparing multiple solutions, including ManageEngine, ServiceNow, and Sysaid, Anne Street Partners decided that Freshservice was the best solution for them. The team liked how easy it is to use and the fact that it didn’t require much training, encouraging users to adopt it over email. They also liked Freshservice’s modern UI and superior functionality at better RoI — it was very competitively priced. The customizability of the interface allowed Anne Street Partners to configure the solution to suit their needs, and being cloud-based, they didn’t have the added overheads of maintaining an on-premise tool.

“Freshservice’s reporting helps us track all the work we do. It’s really important for us to see how we are working as a team.”

Aaron Spiteri

Senior Systems Administrator

Anne Street Partners


Initially, Anne Street Partners used Freshservice only for IT service management. Upon experiencing greater productivity, the company began successfully using it for marketing and operations as well. They predominantly use it to handle incident and change management arising from various departments.

The teams used to be burdened by emails, including complaints about issues not being resolved. The IT team sometimes took 20 days to resolve a simple ticket, as tickets would get lost. Tickets are now resolved in less than 5 hours with Freshservice. Since the implementation of Freshservice, the team has seen significant improvement in the ticketing process – ultimately leading to zero complaints from the employees.

Key benefits

On implementation of Freshservice, the IT team at Anne Street Partners saw several immediate benefits. In addition to an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface, they enjoyed:

  • Accountability: 100% increase in logging of tickets. “Freshservice has helped us understand the load we get, and the hours spent on it. This lets us stay on top of everything in the service desk.”
  • Superior efficiency: The ability to add notes easily within a ticket saves time for agents if the same issue recurs.
  • Better service quality: The team is currently performing at 97% against SLA, with agents able to manage their time more efficiently, and the employees complying with the process.
  • Greater insights: Reporting shows where the maximum load is coming from, etc.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Freshservice has changed the perception of the service desk in the organization, with the employees more trusting of the IT team, and happy with the service being provided.