User issues never go on holiday. Newer ones are always around the corner and a service desk agent is a lifeline that users reach for when something’s wrong. Effective incident management should be a key part of all businesses. With technologies and workflows getting more convoluted and unified, systems are vulnerable to unexpected downtime that may impact business continuity and productivity.

Incident Management Process is about getting things back up quickly and restoring services when there is an issue- even if this means implementing workarounds and quick fixes in adherence to the service level agreements.

Freshservice provides an on the go incident management suite that helps to track, prioritize, and assign tickets effortlessly, empower self-service and automate resolution processes to drive efficiency through multi-channel support. 

Download the whitepaper to have a look at the Incident Management Process Flow in Freshservice.

Insights from this whitepaper

  • Incident Management Process Flow

  • Sources in Freshservice that helps with effective incident management

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