Today’s CIOs, CEOs have started Artificial Intelligence(AI) pilot experiments in their organizations. Service desk handles different types of routine and non-routine tasks on a day to day basis. Gartner reports that IT organizations spend 66 per cent of their resources on day-to-day operations, in “keeping the lights on” activities. AI technologies leverage the power of data to draw predictions and automate processes to meet customers’ expectations.

While AI & ML have already set their footprints in e-commerce, automobile and other industries, IT has just started embracing these trends. IT Service Management (ITSM) has a huge potential to benefit from AI as service desk agents perform a variety of transactional tasks. AI helps IT to meet the growing expectations of users in terms of faster service and the latest technology. Digitalization drives AI to leverage data and accelerates business performance.

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  • Preparing for the AI revolution

  • AI use cases in ITSM

  • AI Readiness Assessment

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