Product Feature Roadmaps are always a tricky and interesting conversation to have. Here at Freshservice, we are excited to showcase what we're planning to release and how Freshservice is going to evolve with time. The functionalities in our roadmap have been picked and crafted by following the industry trends, growing customer needs, and technological advancements. 

The functionalities presented in the roadmap are directional and aspirational, that we're making our way ahead. Some of the functionality needs to be adjusted as and when the market moves and when we get feedback.

As a product, our goal is to give you the capabilities that you need for consistent productivity and success in the future. To help you accomplish these and make life easy, we are constantly evolving.

Watch our expert panel in the Freshservice Roadmap Webinar, providing you a peek at how Freshservice is going to evolve in its capabilities that will impact your organization in 2020.

Insights from the webinar

  • Key business themes in 2020
  • Upcoming features in 2020

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