Without a doubt, the global economy and market volatility have transformed business processes. To keep up with these changing times and simultaneously become effective at creating business value, IT must transform into an agile, customer-centric innovator with even more efficient processes and service delivery. The IT Key Issues Research Report identifies the ten critical areas of capability development for IT in the coming year to support these objectives. 

Further, the study reveals compelling insights into statistics for the IT organization in 2020 such as, “56% of IT respondents report that they will increase the volume of work executed via self-service”, “55% of IT respondents plan the deployment of analytics technology in the coming year”, and more.

Key highlights of the study:
  • Setting an agenda for agility and analytics-driven IT optimization.

  • Top ten IT-function improvement objectives.

  • Priorities for IT service delivery model transformation.
  • Business strategies for realizing financial objectives.
  • Steps IT leaders are taking in anticipation of a 2020 recession.


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