Self-service, particularly self-service technology, is often touted as a way for cash-strapped IT organizations, with overworked service desks, to save time and money. HDI research has self-service as the cheapest method of handling support tickets – at US$10 per ticket along with chat and email. Whereas phone-handled tickets cost US$14 and walk-up U$20 (source: HDI “Support Center Practices & Salary Report” 2014).

Ideally, the real financial benefits will come from self-help, meaning that end-user issues never reach the service desk giving a close-to-zero ticket-handling cost from an IT perspective. However, notwithstanding the fact that a dollar saved by IT through badly-implemented self-service might incur an extra two dollars of costs from an end-user perspective, cost savings are not the only driver for self-service and for many it’s not the most important benefit.

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