Release Management

Manage Enterprise service desk releases seamlessly

Release management is a tricky job. All the change process in your pipeline are rolled out in one go and you need to ensure that none of the changes overlap and nothing breaks, which is easier said than done. 

Freshservice tries to make release management process seamless by equipping you to deal with the most unexpected conflicts. Link related changes, document, build, and test plans to keep everyone in the loop and at ease with Freshservice. 

Gather changes and schedule ahead for every release

Stay on top of all changes by linking them to upcoming releases. Not only does Freshservice force you to set a deadline and stick to it, which is always a good thing, but it also helps account for all changes ahead of releases. 

Link changes to the releases and schedule ahead to avoid any disruption in your service desk software
Plan out and test your releases beforehand so that your support system functions smoothly
Watch out for nasty surprises that can bring you down on D-day

Make sure that you're always well-equipped to deal with unexpected conflicts by documenting your build and test plans properly. This helps you prepare for the configuration management like a scout while ensuring your team is in the loop as well. After all rolling out a release isn't just about collating a bunch of changes and hoping that it turns out well. 

Link related changes and keep everybody in the loop

It's the same thing every time a release rolls out. There's always a bunch of people hanging around your cubicle, demanding to know if their changes have been applied properly – as if the stress of the roll-out isn't enough.

Escape from all the fuss by letting Freshservice backtrack all the changes you've added to a release and send out notifications to your requestors automatically. Now all you've got to do after a release is sit back and enjoy a glass of champagne.

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Send automatic release notification to requesters and everyone involved as soon as it rolls out