Freshservice Introduces Project Management

Collaboration is hard.

This is a reality of day-to-day work. It’s essential for any employee to be able to collaborate with his or her peers. But little things can trip you up — not being able to schedule a meeting for a week because availabilities don’t coincide, accidentally sharing the old version of a spreadsheet, missing emails, and so on.

When it comes to collaboration between teams, things are even more chaotic, especially when email is seen as the de facto workplace communication. This makes tracking and extracting meaningful data or creating comprehensive reports nearly impossible, and inevitably leads to each project member having incomplete information. Tools like Trello, Slack and more recently, Workplace, have somewhat mitigated collaboration issues, but still lack effective provisions to track data and conversations. They can work great for quick check-ins and feedback, but fall short in the area of managing entire projects from start to finish. So when it comes to collaborating across teams, branches and zones, organizations often invest in dedicated project management tools that allow every project member to see the same information at the same time.

You already have your ITSM tool, your group messaging tool, your company forum, and possibly more. Aside from the expense, adding yet another tool to the mix comes with its own set of issues — training, onboarding, transferring existing work into the new tool, and most of all, making sure that all your tools integrate with each other, because all of this organization can lead to even deeper disorganization without proper integration. (This can lead to choosing tools that aren’t necessarily the best, but which can integrate with all your existing ones.)

At Freshservice, we’re obsessed with efficiency and doing more with less. We’ve faced all of the issues we talked about, like any other company. So, aside from writing a blog post to vent about it, we decided to simplify things by creating an entire, dedicated Project Management module right within our ITSM tool. And as we pride ourself on the fact that our UI is so intuitive that no training or doorstop manuals are required, the same is true of Project Management.

Here’s a little of what the module lets you do:

  • Gain complete visibility into your projects with the real-time project dashboard, showing you all the details you need in a single window – project members, progress on tasks, the overall percentage of completion, deadlines, and so on.
  • Organize projects into different tasks and nested subtasks, which can be easily assigned to project members. Filter tasks to view them by their stage – overdue, open, in progress, unassigned, and completed – to identify bottlenecks or simply stay informed.
  • Attach relevant tickets, changes and assets to your project to provide valuable context to stakeholders, especially those who join the project mid-way. Post comments on the project or on specific tasks, attaching files or links if necessary.

Not only does the ability to track every detail of your project from start to finish help you stay organized, it allows your team to react quickly and efficiently to shared information, significantly bringing down the time consumed by the project overall. With everyone working in a coordinated fashion towards a shared deadline, with information available to everyone equally, each individual is equipped to give their best.

With better visibility into events across the company, major stakeholders are also better aware of each project’s business impact – giving them greater clarity to make informed decisions and align to business goals.