You’re using Freshservice wrong!

If you’re not using these features, that is.

And why is that?

Because the features that I’m about to list out now were designed to make your work as easy as possible. They are direct solutions to usability scenarios we worked long and hard to make perfect for you.

You have to use them. You just have to. It would kill us if you don’t. Here you go:

1. Smart Solutions

When a user comes in to submit a ticket, he brings up the ticket form and starts typing. As he does so, Freshservice brings up a list of related solutions. If the information that the user needs is available in a solution article itself, he can just navigate to it instead of raising a new ticket.

Auto-suggest Solutions Freshservice


The Smart Solutions reduce service desk load, saving time and effort on the agents’ part; the requesters, on the other hand, do not need to wait for their queries to be answered. Self-service just got smarter; go on, try using it!

2. Canned Responses

Every service desk will have a bunch of common questions that will arrive over and over again, like password changes or connection troubles. Agents don’t have to rewrite them repeatedly, or even copy paste them from somewhere else. Just create pre-formatted reply templates to common questions as Canned Responses and your agents can reuse them with a single click.

Canned responses in Freshservice

You can even go a step further, and with dynamic content placeholders, ensure that each response is customized with the requestor’s name, agent signature and ticket details. Learn more here.

3. Insert Solution

When your agents are trying to resolve a tough ticket, they will go through the knowledge base for existing solutions that might help them out. And in a world where we are used to Google’s suggestions for almost every search query that we think about, agents shouldn’t be manually finding the right answers for your users. Freshservice makes sure that they don’t have to.

Attach solutions in Freshservice

When you answer any ticket , Freshservice automatically gives you a list of possible solutions right next to the ticket, one of whose URLs (or content) you can just drag and drop into your reply immediately. Learn how to use this feature here.

4. Scenario Automation

Agents sometimes have to perform a series of actions on a ticket repeatedly; for example, if it’s a ticket for the Finance team, an agent has to tag the ticket under ‘Finance’, send a notification to the Finance group, assign the ticket and set the status of the ticket as ‘Awaiting Response’.

Scenario Automation in Freshservice

Scenario Automations let agents bunch all these tasks together so they can be performed with a single click, saving time and effort.

Check out the Freshservice demo video to explore and make the most of your service desk. If you can think of any other Freshservice feature we can add to this list, do tell us in the comments below.