Freshservice Integrates with TeamViewer

        The capability to take control of an end-user’s workstation is one of the most fundamental requirement that an IT team would like to have. Recognizing this, we have worked to bring to you many remote support integrations in the past. That is why we are excited to let you know about our latest integration- TeamViewer. Yes, Freshservice has integrated with TeamViewer to ensure you, our customers, can now fully take advantage of the exceptionally easy to use remote support platform to seamlessly troubleshoot issues and increase your service desk efficiency.

What does this integration mean?

        IT teams are under enormous pressure to resolve issues as quickly as possible. More often than not, the IT agents are required to provide remote support for issues. The Freshservice-TeamViewer integration helps IT teams by allowing IT agents to provide remote support by starting a remote session directly from the ticket details page in Freshservice. By utilizing this integration, troubleshooting issues become more easier, paving way for increase in agent productivity.

How does the Freshservice-TeamViewer integration work?

     By integrating TeamViewer with Freshservice, a remote session can be started, to troubleshoot the end-user’s hardware, from the ticket details page- where the agent will have more context about the issue.

Some key highlights of this integration:

  • Hardware issues can be resolved almost immediately, because this integration allows agents to start a remote session from the tickets details page, where the agent will have the maximum context about the issue.
  • Sessions are automatically logged in the session report in TeamViewer management console.

Post integration scenario

Let us take a look at how the integration will help with a example:

  • James from the sales development team is annoyed- his Outlook Client account was not syncing any emails and this issue has drastically affected his productivity.
  • He finally raises a ticket in Freshservice. Subsequently the ticket is picked up from the queue by Samantha from the IT team.
  • After initial screening, Samantha is not able to find anything relevant that is causing the issue. She wants more information/details to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Immediately she sends a note to James mentioning she has to take control of his system for sometime to help him with his Outlook issue.
  • Samantha then proceeds to click on the TeamViewer app, visible on the tickets details page, and requests to generate a session.
  • TeamViewer then sends Samantha an agent link and James receives the requester link (through notes section in the ticket).
  • Both Samantha and James proceed to join the session and Samantha is able to identify a solution for the issue and guides James on the call.
  • Once the session is terminated, the session details with Ticket ID, email, description and few more details are saved under the session reports in TeamViewer.

You can get more information about the integration and installation procedure here in our app gallery. Let us know your thoughts about the integration and what other apps you would like to see in the future at