Team Huddle – Instant Chat To Collaborate With Fellow IT Agents

In an ideal world, your IT agents would be able to solve the tickets assigned on their own and move on. However, the reality in a traditional IT support environment is agents getting help from fellow agents to make swift and meaningful decisions. A robust internal collaboration system is a must to handle these dependencies efficiently. Enter ‘Team Huddle’.


Agents new to the system might require the assistance of experienced agents. Agents might want to swarm and close a ticket that would otherwise eat up a lot of time. IT agents with specialized skills might want to assign individual tasks or call upon the assistance of other agents to concentrate on complex queries.


A lot of internal communication is required for collaboration within any IT team, it made sense to have a powerful collaboration tool within an IT service desk. Tickets often require more than one resource to work on them. At times, the dependencies extend further and will require the entire team to swarm and solve an issue. Jumping in and out of the portal to another chat tool or your mailbox is both tedious and inefficient.

With the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Slack there to pamper us, we wanted to make communication familiar with a chat-like UI within the portal. Using ticket information to start a chat is something that is more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

And that’s how ‘Team Huddle’ was born; a place to discuss and share any ticket-related information with fellow agents. Every ticket created as an Incident or through a Service Request has the option for IT agents to start a discussion.

Familiarizing the concept

Our primary motive when designing this feature was to give it a chat-like familiarity. Hitting the ‘Discuss’ button brings out an overlay pane which wears a clean, understated look.

Underneath this skin is a robust chat system which can have up to 20 IT agents. We made this simple – just @mention their name to add an agents in your team to the conversation. From there on, it’s a simple chat, share, and collaborate.

Team Huddle – The nifty little touches

Improving user experience is all about an eye for detail. We did our best to throw in some smart touches to the Team Huddle feature.

  • What do we all love most about our chat apps? The ability to see if the other person is online! You can view the Online Status of your teammate and then ask that pesky favor.
  • Collaboration requires sharing of data. Attach all the popular file formats on Team Huddle to eliminate the need for separate email threads or file hosting. Everything is in one place!
  • Reply to a specific message. Clicking on the reply scrolls up to the original message in the thread to get better context.
  • Making a selection on the ticket information gives an agent the option to ‘Discuss’. The Highlighter can be used for this hovering on a highlighted portion of the ticket shows the details of who highlighted it and and the option to view the associated discussion.
  • This, we are particularly proud about! Notifications are supported on the portal and through email. Never miss an update!

Discuss or ‘Team Huddle’ as we call it, is a feature you will not be able to live without once you try it. It’s the reimagination of the traditional notes, albeit more powerful and vastly flexible.

Click here to check it out!