That’s a wrap for 2015: Latest updates, integrations, and more

It’s that time of the year when everyone and everything changes. A new beginning to start over, be better, be happier, albeit the countless forgotten gym memberships. Along with the rest of the good times and changes ahead, we celebrate this new year by bringing you exciting product updates.

Our product and development teams have been going through each of your requests, doing their research from the ground up, and filtering through it all to bring significant updates to the service desk features.

We have also teamed up with your favorite platforms to bring integrations that make your experience in the service desk as frictionless as possible. Simply because we’d love to see you break the quotidian of switching tabs and multiple workflows.

Here’s a list of some of the recent enhancements we have made to our product:

1. Update on announcements:

Email is good, ticketing is even better, but announcements are terrific. Really. Announcements let you share updates with agents and end users in one go, filling the voids in service desk communication. This is especially useful for prioritizing tasks, planning ahead of a new release, or posting downtime alerts.

What it is: 

There are a bunch of updates in announcements we are enthusing about. You can now schedule announcements by giving them a start and end date. Filters on the announcement visibility  lets you control who you want announcements to be visible to. Announcements can now also traverse the inbox of third parties. Send announcements as emails to your users (and vendors/partners) every time an announcement goes live, keeping them on the loop of every thread – a major release, a trivia, erratic downtimes, etc.


Core benefit: Prioritize service desk tasks better by keeping everybody informed

Where to find it: Dashboard → new announcement

An asset for: Agents, end users

Available on: All plans

Know more about publishing announcements

2. Change calendar

How satisfyingly organized would life be if agents could simply log into their accounts and see all the changes and tasks they care about in one place? Well, this new year, here’s liberation. You’re welcome.

What it does:

Agents can use the change calendar to reduce the risks associated with planning changes and releases. The new change calendar displays all tasks and changes on the day’s schedule to the agents. Changes are automatically scheduled into an agent’s calendar, allowing them to resolve any conflicts that might exist and plan changes accordingly. The calendar also includes the ability to view fellow agents’ schedules depending upon their ticket scope, while also letting them toggle between agent groups.


Core benefit: Improve agent productivity by organizing changes & tasks

Where to find it:  Dashboard (Calendar icon)

An asset for: Agents

Available on: Garden, Estate

Learn more about change calendar

3.  Requester merge

Ticketing is to service desk, what snow is to winter. With that in mind, this module has been on top of our improvement list for quite a while now.

What it does:

Every time an end user requests for a service or raises an incident, the service desk asks for a unique set of credentials. The requester merge allows agents to merge repeating requesters and their secondary email IDs with the primary one. The first verified ID becomes the primary one, and all entries later merge with it.

Requester merge makes sure agents better track and monitor requesters, and even build a pattern of requests, with the workaround solutions ready to go. This also means end users aren’t left cringing from the demand of several identity checks while placing a request. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Core benefit: Track requesters better

Where to find it: Admin → Requesters → Merge

An asset for: Agents, end users

Available on: All plans

How do you merge requesters in Freshservice?


Integrations – Fresh and Fabulous


1. Manage cloud assets from the CMDB of your service desk with AWS Integration

As your business scales, so does the onus of maintaining the growing infrastructure. Hosting personal servers and machines might not be the most viable option to keep your ledger accounts and efficacy of your security system intact. With cloud computing, businesses are moving databases, apps, and storage to the cloud – curbing cost, optimizing security, and scaling a whole lot better.


Integration of your AWS account within Freshservice lets you leverage that emerging trend by allowing you to manage both your cloud and end users’ assets from one place. Sync all your AWS EC2, RDS, and EBS instances to your CMDB, attach them to incidents, problems, changes, and releases similar to attaching other CIs, and track cloud contracts in no time.

Don’t take our word for it yet. Watch how our customer moved from chaos to order in DevOps with the help of this integration.

Learn how to sync your AWS account within Freshservice

2. Give your incident management the attention it deserves with PagerDuty integration

Your incident management module is the heart of your service desk. If your team’s been using PagerDuty, they’d most likely be entrusting critical incidents to help resolve them while also letting Freshservice’s automation take control for the other part. In the middle of all the juggling between different products, their workflow gets disintegrated and wind up losing out on speed and accuracy.


Now, you can work with both within Freshservice’s platform. This integration brings you the best of both worlds, without having to dart back and forth and ruin your ticket resolution rating as well as your patience. Apart from sending critical Freshservice incidents to PagerDuty for advanced monitoring, it also lets you sync all PagerDuty incidents with Freshservice to enable automation and manage updates. The integration also ensures that all updates on both sides get reflected on the other. Leave notes on Freshservice incidents when the corresponding ticket gets resolved within PagerDuty, support end users 24*7 with on-call scheduling, and do a lot more.

Learn how to sync your PagerDuty account within Freshservice

We are not done yet. Other updates you will love:

– Mobile service desk, simplified: Fresh updates on our Android and iOS apps lets you run errands from the comfort of your homes. Request service items from the user-friendly service catalog, add assets on the go with the inbuilt QR code scanner, and stay on top of tickets with push notifications. All of this at the flick of a thumb. Phew, heap more praises on the agents. Our roadmap is brimming with many such exciting updates.

– Powerful contract management capabilities: Agents can track key events in the lifecycle of a contract, renew contracts in no time, and also access the list of expired contracts.

–  Create custom reports for changes:  Create highly customized reports and measure metrics that matter to your business.

– Add associated assets to products from the product view page.

Custom mailbox: Set up your own mail server, and configure incoming and outgoing mails in the service desk.

– Refer-a-friend: Invite friends to get on board with us. Give $100, earn $100, and everybody wins! Find this immensely attractive deal on Dashboard >> Refer a friend. 

Visit Freshservice Forums to access release notes that will give you a comprehensive picture of what features are making news with us, and what pains have been ticked off the list by our developers.

Want to take a sneak peek into our product roadmap for Q1 next year?

There are a lot more improvements coming up in the service catalog, CMDB, and custom reporting for asset and tickets. Not to mention a spanking new chat channel and integrations with Slack and Quickbooks that are ready to go.

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