Manage Your Apple Devices with Freshservice – Jamf Pro Integration

Today’s business environment is built on an IT infrastructure that comprises of a variety of devices, irrespective of their make or operating system. An office environment, which once used to have Windows and Linux workstations, now uses a wide range of Apple products to run their day to day operations.

The shift is much bigger when you look at new startups where a majority of all the devices used are made by Apple. With the increasing demand for Apple products, there also arises the need to manage them effectively.

If you’re an IT admin, you would’ve heard of Jamf Pro, and how effectively it syncs information about all the iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices in your organization and present it to you when needed.  

We recognized the importance of an asset management solution like Jamf Pro and built the Freshservice – Jamf Pro integration.

The integration will sync information about all your Apple devices into your IT service desk. This will save you a great deal of time as you don’t have to log into your Jamf Pro account every time you wish to see information about your Apple devices. The integration will seamlessly bring all the information into the Assets module.

Let’s go further and take a look at other benefits of the integration.

Asset Lifecycle management – You can get deeper insights into the lifecycle of Apple devices in your organization. This will be helpful when your organization is making purchase decisions for the upcoming fiscal year.

Better visibility while solving issues – Provides better visibility while handling asset related tickets. The agent can get useful information about the device such as the model number, OS version, etc.

Easier linking with built-in modules – Makes it easy for agents and the admin to link/associate Apple devices to incidents, problems, change, and release.

Warranty and information – The integration also fetches warranty information for all the devices, which makes life easy for the IT team when they send broken or malfunctioning devices to the vendor for service.

With the new Freshservice – Jamf Pro integration, all your asset information will be up to date.

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