Introducing DocuSign in Freshservice for Paperless Contract Management

A typical scene in an office to execute contracts usually involves long paper-based processes, a lot of people dropping their actual work to get the right person’s signature, and tons of time and resources wasted on waiting for reviews and approvals.

Which is why Freshservice has integrated with DocuSign to enable departments like IT, sales, HR, legal, facilities, and finance across organizations to expedite contract management processes through e-signatures, all from within the service desk. In English, that means you no longer have to pursue people around for signatures to finish your work.

Send for signing with DocuSign-Freshservice

Send for signing with DocuSign-Freshservice

While DocuSign automates workflows and eSignature transactions, Freshservice tackles your contract management throughout its lifecycle. You don’t have to rely on phone calls, emails, or sticky notes to manage contract approvals in the organization any more. All you’ve got to do is send the contracts for signature from the service desk, and as soon as the authorized signatories are done signing from the device of their choice, Freshservice automatically updates the contracts and keeps you notified of updates. With the integration in place, transform support for employees and enjoy seamless paperless procedure while you’re drafting or sending third-party agreements for signatures.

Approve and sign with DocuSign-Freshservice

Approve and sign with DocuSign-Freshservice

DocuSign-Freshservice integration overview:

  • Send contracts for e-signatures from within Freshservice

Send and track third-party agreements or contracts for e-signatures without leaving the service desk. By managing contracts within a single system, it eases collaboration between agent to agent or agent to vendor, and enhances service quality within the organization.

  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity

By having a well-defined contract management in place, you can monitor the status of your stock, and make considered decisions. Bring your workflow online and optimize operations across teams.

  • Automate signature workflow

Route contracts through a customizable signing sequence, and let the system automatically update document status after every completed signature, so you’re always notified about any changes to a contract.

  • Gain visibility through the contract lifecycle

Track contracts through its entire lifecycle and get access to all its information and signature history. Keep updated about contract creation, renewal, expiry and termination, and easily approve or reject contracts at the click of a button.

  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity

By having a well-defined contract management in place, you can enable quicker execution of contracts, plan your work better, and enjoy the benefits of time and costs saved. Shorten agreement cycles and optimize operations across teams.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

By bringing your workflow online, end-users no longer have to endure long waiting periods for getting a software or hardware that needs license or active contract. Easily handle procurement of agreements and renewals through contract management from Freshservice.

Let us know how you like managing your contracts the all new way. If you would like to know more about how it works, check out this video:


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