Freshservice users, meet PagerDuty

Everyone knows that your operations and service delivery experience are key factors while managing your business. From outages to security issues, there are a lot of things that can go awry in IT when you’re juggling umpteen number of concerns at the same time. Even with multiple IT monitoring tools in place, it’s fairly easy to miss certain issues and tickets. The last thing you want is to be bogged down by users caught unaware about such events.

Now you can count on Freshservice to have your back when you want to enhance your incident resolution process. Whether you’ve already been using PagerDuty or you just want an optimized experience while using Freshservice, this integration lets you consolidate and keep track of all major incidents.

With the Freshservice-PagerDuty integration, you can rest assured that you’ll receive alerts of any and all situations that require attention.


The integration lets you convert all alerts that are automatically raised in PagerDuty to tickets in Freshservice – letting you monitor and be apprised of all incidents in a single view.


No need to switch between different screens or worry about missing or delaying resolutions. All your incidents get recorded as and when they happen so you can take prompt actions, and find them in a single repository – it’s much easier to access from a centralized location.

You can map the incidents as well as escalate critical ones to the right person.

PagerDuty Freshservice Escalation

You get to create rules and set the escalation policy with every incident and once you’re done with that, it automatically sends the ticket to the person next in line. Further, the integration allows you to do away with the brunt of manual duties simply at the click of a button. A good alert mechanism combined with an efficient service desk means a win-win situation for both customers as well as IT teams.

Leverage the integration along with Freshservice’s automation tools like the dispatch’r, observer, and scenario when incidents are triggered.


Your IT, admin, and DevOps teams’ lives just got a whole lot simpler with the on-call scheduling feature. All they need to do now is focus on the actual resolution process instead of worrying about finding the right person to tend to alerts.

To load it on further, there’s the convenience of mobile access. Your team gets notified of all actionable alerts, instantly, on their mobile via different channels – from SMS, email, phone call, to even push notification. You can work in peace, or not, knowing that you’ll always get to know when there’s an outage of any sort so you can get working on it right away.

You decide how you want to put it to good use. Check out the solution article to know how the integration works. Got any questions for us? Tag us at