Get up to Speed! Take Immediate Action with Notification Center

As a service desk agent, email notifications had been the easiest way to stay on top of all your tickets and track their progress. But, since you get a mix of support and work-related emails to your inbox, there are chances that you lose track of the email notifications. And, as time goes by, the email that you missed would be a black cat in a coal cellar. If you do not have a central notification center, you might even have to switch between tabs several times to keep track of your notifications. 

A smart and productive way is to make use of in-app notifications in your service desk. With in-app notifications, you can get information about tickets, service requests, contract approvals, etc, all from within your service desk. No more searching for emails and switching tabs.

Keeping this in mind, we have enhanced the Notification Center that brings all your notifications inside your service desk.

How did we enhance the notification center?

Before the enhancement, our in-app notification center had notifications only for Service Requests and Change approval requests. When we decided to enhance our existing notification center, we had a lot of ideas. In the end, we agreed upon two things:

  1. To expand in-app notifications beyond Service and Change approval requests. We decided to add notifications for more events.
  2. To give complete control to the user. We thought it would make more sense if users could configure the type of notifications they wish to see within the product.  

Notification Center: What you can do?

Configure Notification Preferences – You can enable/disable notifications for events you want to be informed about.

Let’s take an example where you don’t want to be notified when a ticket is assigned to your group as there are too many agents and you think receiving those notifications would be too distracting. In that case, you can go to the notification preferences uncheck the option that notifies you when a ticket is assigned to your group.

Notification center allows you to set notification preferences for events like when a(n),

  • service request is sent for approval
  • approval decision on a service request
  • change is sent for approval
  • approval decision on a change
  • new ticket(s) are created
  • contract is sent for approval
  • approval decision on a contract
  • new reply is received for a ticket
  • private note is added to your ticket
  • public note is added to a ticket
  • ticket is assigned to your group
  • ticket are assigned to you
  • status of a ticket is updated

Notifications will also be sent when you are mentioned as part of Team Huddle discussions. To know more about Team Huddle, click here.

Team Huddle- Freshservice

Desktop Notifications – By enabling desktop notifications, you can see all your service desk notifications even when your browser window is minimized or when you’re in another tab reading an article or composing an email.

Your information, a click away – You can visit the ticket or the service request just by clicking on the in-app/desktop notification.

To sum up, notification center will bring important ticket, service request, contract, and change actions to your attention, allowing you to take immediate action.

Give it a shot and you will love it! To know more about how the notification center works and how to configure the notification center, click here.