Freshservice Marketplace – Discover And Create Apps With Ease

Freshservice has hit another milestone! We are happy to announce the launch of Freshservice Marketplace. Now, you can enjoy a more personalized experience by selecting and installing solutions that cater to your needs.

Freshservice has over thirty plus integrations and a number of Freshplugs based custom requirements. Extending the functionality of Freshservice through integrations for a seamless experience has always been one of our strong assets and we are excited to let you know that the integrations can be done in a much more convenient way – pick and choose apps much like you e-shop!

The Marketplace categorizes apps based on their functionality and you can select a required app grouped under various categories such as agent productivity, assets & alerts monitoring, chat, phone & video, CRM, G suite, Office 365, issue tracking, reporting & analytics, time tracking & billing, user management and many others.

We know you would be excited to know more about the Marketplace so read on to understand the features and how to utilize it to the fullest.

All about the Marketplace

IT teams are always on the lookout for integrations to enhance their IT service management experience but do not have the time to develop apps that can cater to their needs. Now, with the introduction of Marketplace, admins can easily discover and install apps from the app gallery. Partner developers/customers can build apps on top of Freshservice using SDK via the Developer Portal of the Freshservice Marketplace. In other words, Marketplace would enable them to realize the full potential of using Freshservice as an ITSM tool.

Freshservice Marketplace App Collection

Customers can look through the apps listed under the ‘Popular’ category to discover apps like Salesforce, Google contacts, Slack etc. that are most sought after. Looking to increase agent performance? Apps such as Box, LogMeIn Rescue will boost productivity significantly.

The road ahead

Yes we admit it – Freshplugs, though much loved by our customers, has gone beyond the point of acceptable complexity. To install a Freshplug, the user has to diligently copy the plug code, paste it onto a page after a series of complex navigating tasks. After all this, it might still end up throwing an error because of missing a comma!

Going forward, Freshplugs would be phased out. Our customers can create a custom-built app (also called Freshplugs) only through the Freshservice Marketplace SDK – a much easier, simpler way. We are on the process of making it more robust to enable you build deeper integrations. Freshplugs, currently enabled for existing customers will continue to work.

In the meantime, start installing…

Exciting days ahead as we have a whole range of apps that would be available in the Freshservice Marketplace shortly. Do explore the Freshservice Marketplace’s App Gallery and look through our Developer Portal and let us know your thoughts at

Hope you enjoy Freshservice Marketplace as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.