What’s Behind Freshservice’s Brand-New Visual Interface?

As some of our customers may have already noticed, we’ve taken another big step forward — a brand new UI (user interface), which will be permanently implemented across our product from 5th December onwards. (For now, you can choose to give it a try and let us know what you think!) It’s another big step towards what we always strive for — to bring modern, functional, everyday UI into the world of ITSM.

“I really enjoy this new look. I’m happy for it to stay. It keeps the main area I focus on clear and just what I need.”

Designed with you in mind

We created Freshservice to be an affordable, yet versatile and fully-functional tool that made quality ITSM accessible to businesses of all sizes. Since our inception, we’ve worked closely with our customers, whose feedback is invaluable towards planning the next steps in our evolution. We want each customer to get the best out of our product, now and in the future. This means, among other things, consistently collecting customer feedback about Freshservice and viewing it seriously.

We’re constantly making small updates, fixing bugs, and enhancing Freshservice to make user experience better. But our roadmap is filled with larger, more exciting changes as well (hello, Freshservice Marketplace!).

We recently launched a revamped version of the Freshservice mobile app, based on customer feedback and usage (over 60% of all active agents on Freshservice were using our mobile app regularly!). So we set out to create the best ITSM mobile app out there. After closely studying and taking into account our customers’ feedback and usage, we checked out competing apps — and found that they weren’t exactly groundbreaking. In fact, they lagged behind in terms of modern user experience. So we decided to take inspiration from the B2C apps our customers use regularly, setting them as a benchmark in terms of user experience. Ultimately, we succeeded in creating a new UI that our customers love — because, aside from aiding in productivity, the familiarity of the interface makes it extra intuitive to use.

Now, it was the Freshservice desktop app’s turn for an updated user experience — an even larger task. Based on feedback collected over time, we set out to create a simpler, more intuitive visual user experience.

“The new UI looks great!” 

Part of a bigger picture

Let’s just state it baldly — Freshservice had outgrown its old framework. As we grew and expanded our capabilities, and found out more about how our customers liked to use our product, it became clear that we needed a more scalable framework to accommodate our own growth. Among other things, this meant simplifying our interface — as more and more modules were added on, things were starting to get a little crowded and cluttered. We needed to simplify and streamline the visual experience, while making it easier to scale further down the line.

We’ve got big plans, and you’re going to see several functional upgrades in the months to come. We needed the space and framework to be able to add these modules and functionalities in seamlessly. Our old framework was built to fit in a limited number of features, and we’re no longer restricted by it. Freshservice is only going to get better.

Out with the old…

visual interface

…and in with the new.

visual interface

Our plan for change coincided neatly with a larger event — the rebranding of our family under the name ‘Freshworks’. As our suite of customer experience products grew, we knew it was time to come together as a unified, integrated whole. This includes, not just unified branding, but visual and functional unity within our individual products, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam and Freshchat. So now you’ll find that if you’re using (and loving) Freshservice for your ITSM, and you decide to move to Freshdesk for your customer support needs, the UI and visual language will be friendly and familiar — making onboarding and adoption easier on your employees.

“The refresh button with ticket updates is amazing! A basic refresh has been needed.” 

Let’s get specific

Aside from bringing our overall product design into the future, we identified several clear areas we wanted to improve. (Since we use our own product on a day-to-day basis, we have constant access to both internal and external customer feedback.)

We decided that we needed to improve our visual as well as information hierarchy, to make our product more intuitive to use and present information more clearly to our users. This means that agents and end users need to spend less time thinking about how to do something, and allows them to focus on what they are doing.

We’ve also upgraded our search feature to be much simpler to use — in response to a very common request! Here’s some more of what’s changed…

New navigation menu

We’ve switched our navigation bar from the top of the page to the left side, making it less obtrusive and much more intuitive to use with corresponding icons for each module. Along with Asset Management, Project Management, Solutions, Reports and Admin, we’ve added direct links to the Incident, Problem, Change, and Release Management modules. If you’re confused the first time you see the new nav bar, just hover your mouse over an icon for a handy mouseover tooltip with the module name.

visual interface

Relocated filters

The filters section has moved from the left of your page to the right, and can now be toggled between visible and hidden by clicking the filter icon (top right corner of your screen). This makes it quicker and easier to filter tickets, and is consistent with our other Freshworks products. The new filter view is here to make your life easier in the Tickets, Problems, Changes and Assets modules.

Freshservice visual interface

‘+New’ streamlining

The dedicated New Incident and Request Item buttons are gone, and those functions are now located under the ‘+New’ button on the top right side of your screen for a less cluttered overall look. You’ll find the ‘+New’ button on every page, making it easier to create a new incident, service request, problem, change or release at any time.

Freshservice visual interface

Design and typography

We’ve created a cleaner, more modern visual interface that’s designed to be easy on the eyes while conveying information quickly and effectively. You’ll also strain your eyes less — we’ve improved on overall legibility and clarity with a brand-new font (based on whether you’re using Windows or Mac) and clearer typography.

The new design is much easier to scale, so we can add in new features quickly and easily. This will make it easier to upgrade our functional user experience in the future.

Excellent new interface.”

How do I get the new look?

You’ll find a ‘Try the new look!’ option on the top right side of your page. Click to switch over to a better Freshservice experience — we can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

Freshservice visual interface

Can I switch back to the old UI?

You can for now — the option’s available in the menu under your profile image on the top right side of the screen. But if you want to switch back, that means something’s wrong and we’d much rather you got in touch with us to let us know what you didn’t like about the new UI. 🙂

Freshservice visual interface

As we said before, we love feedback!

And there’s no one better to guide us than our customers. So if you’re using Freshservice, give the new look a spin and let us know what you think of it, what you like especially, and what you think could use further improvement! You know we’re listening.


So do we!