Freshservice launches Chromebooks Integration

Freshservice now has a new addition to its Asset Management module. We are excited to announce the new functionality that manages Chrome OS device such as Chromebooks within the Asset Management module using our latest Chromebooks Integration. The biggest beneficiary of this functionality would be educational institutions such as K-12 schools besides users from other industries. Educational institutions provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, seamless campus experience to their students and faculty in order to get a competitive edge. This new functionality empowers K-12 schools to track and manage Chrome OS devices efficiently.

“According to Futuresource Consulting, Chromebooks represented about 60 percent of mobile device shipments into U.S. K-12 schools in the fourth quarter of 2017. Apple’s iOS devices garnered about 11 percent of the market and Macs about 4 percent.”  

I am sure this new capability will be a delight to all Freshservice educations users. Today’s millennials (students) are familiar with the latest tech advancements and they expect the same level of experience on the campus as well. The onus lies on the management to provide the latest devices and deliver a next-gen classroom experience. Therefore, managing Google devices becomes inevitable for IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions.

Freshservice Education users

Last year, Freshservice along with SDI published a report, ”A View from the Frontline” that addressed key priorities, trends, vendor frustrations etc. The survey included education service desk priorities for the next 12 months.

What are the top service desk priorities for your support function in the next 12 months?

74% of the respondents have mentioned Automation as their key priority. Freshservice Chromebooks Integration will definitely add more business and customer value in terms of automatically managing Google Chrome OS devices. This eliminates the pain of manual tracking and improves asset lifecycle management.

What does this Integration mean?

The Chrome OS device discovery app lets you securely fetch information about your Chrome OS devices from your Google device manager, thus gaining deeper insights into how your Chrome OS devices are managed. The discovery happens on a daily schedule, thus keeping all the device-related information up-to-date.

Key Benefits

  • An added advantage for Google device users to manage Chromebooks within Freshservice Asset Management module
  • Empowering IT teams in educational institutions to work efficiently 
  • Automated Asset tracking and improved Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Consolidated Inventory and better decision making

Education University Service desks are expected to provide a diverse range of assets and software. End users demand proactive and customer-focused services from K-12 institutions. Google Chromebook has emerged as the cost-efficient equipment for K-12 education users. As Freshservice already has integrations with many G-suite products, this new integration will definitely be an efficiency booster to all our education customers.


What’s next?

We are constantly working towards making Freshservice Asset Management module more powerful with relevant integrations. We are currently in the process of expanding to other ecosystems such as Microsoft and Apple with connectors for Intune & JAMF.

Follow our Marketplace for the updated list of apps that would make your IT operations seamless. You can install the Chromebooks integration app from here.

Cover illustration by Srinivas Dhotre