Freshservice is 5 Years Strong!

It was 2014. Ellen’s Oscars selfie had broken the Internet.

Freshworks was expanding rapidly, and there was a need for a powerful service desk to manage our IT.  We couldn’t find one in the market that met our requirements, so we made our own. Our mission was to enable IT teams to deliver moments of wow to their customers.


First impressions were good:


Accolades followed, pretty quickly and generously:



Work was always going on under and over the hood:


We knew there was more to be done for the 20,000 organizations that rely on us to do their jobs.

Having IT veterans and experts guiding our vision, we inherently understood how IT teams functioned:

  • We enabled teams to build automations in a jiffy through a visual interface, instead of tedious rule-based statements:


  • We made reporting super intuitive and easily consumable with graphs, charts, and everything in between, so teams could showcase their progress:


  • Businesses use a bunch of tools to make their magic. We launched the Freshservice Marketplace for integrations of every kind!



The journey has barely begun.

There’s always something new being built!

We look forward to bringing you the best of our work!

Here are a couple of teasers:





A note of thanks

Above all, the Freshservice team thanks you for your support. You have helped shape Freshservice into what it is today and we look forward to your continued support as we grow.

If you have any queries or feedback or just want restaurant suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. You can visit or write to us at

Images by Sharmila

Videos by Karthikeyan