Bring Dev and IT Teams Closer with Freshrelease Integration

The tickets an IT team receives doesn’t stop with password reset or requests for a laptop replacement. IT teams also handle other issues like reporting software bugs, and server issues that need intervention from the engineering and development teams (a.k.a dev teams).  

As soon as a ticket is raised in such conditions, an IT agent creates an issue in the bug tracking software or sends an email to the development team, notifying them about the problem. Once the issue is resolved, the IT team notifies the requester and closes the ticket. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds. 

IT and development teams often work in a siloed fashion. The development teams weren’t given enough context about the requester’s issue, and the IT team is often left in the dark when it comes to knowing when a reported issue will be fixed by the development team. 

The major reason for this is the inability of existing software tools to communicate with each other. The IT service desk and the project management software work separately and do not share essential information with anyone outside the team. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a collaborative environment where IT and dev teams share relevant context with each other? This would speed up the resolution process and will also ensure a better customer experience. 

Introducing the Freshservice – Freshrelease integration, a simple yet effective way to bring IT and development teams closer together. 

The need for integration

After the launch of Freshrelease, our agile project management software earlier this year, we realized that this would be the right time to build something that breaks the longstanding wall between the IT and the dev teams. To achieve this, we decided to build a tighter integration between Freshservice and Freshrelease, where both teams get essential updates from each other. 

Benefits of the Integration

Better collaboration

With this integration, the IT team will have a better idea about the status of every issue raised with the development team and by when it will be fixed. We’ve made this part easy by providing free Freshrelease access to every agent who is a part of Freshservice. 

Apart from keeping track of the status, they can also raise issues with the development team from Freshrelease. They can also @ mention developers to get their attention. 

More context

The major pain point for developers when they start working on an issue raised by the IT team is they don’t have enough context about the issue raised by the requester. This is because the IT agent who is raising the issue provides only the high-level details regarding the issue. Providing more context will make things easier for developers. 

With the Freshservice – Freshrelease integration, developers can see the entire ticket conversation between the requester and the IT agent, right from their Freshrelease account. 

Faster resolution

By providing enough context to the IT and development teams, Freshservice – Freshrelease integration resolves issues in a much quicker time. It reduces friction between the internal teams and also provides a realistic deadline for the requesters. 

These are just the first steps toward building a collaborative environment. We’ll soon be adding more features to make the collaboration more effective and effortless. 

If you wish to know more about how to enable the integration for your Freshservice account, kindly refer to our solution article. 

If you’re already using Freshservice, don’t forget to try the Freshrelease integration! 

Design Credits: Nidhi Shah