Gain visibility with custom reports for tickets in Freshservice

Following the release of custom asset reports, we bring to you what we promised. Introducing custom ticket reports in Freshservice for deeper insights into your service desk operations. We’ve been busy creating custom ticket reporting capabilities so you – the admin, team manager, or agent – can get more visibility into the performance of your service desk.

Aside from the existing predefined reports for your incidents and service requests, you can now create your own ticket reports by specifying metrics and conditions of your choice. From letting you extensively measure the performance of your agents and teams to identifying high aging tickets, here’s what you can do with Freshservice’s custom ticket reports to continuously improve your incident and service request management process.

Stay on top of service requests by department

Budgets overshoot all the time, and by identifying the volume trends of service requests by department, or group, you’ll be able to understand every department’s spending pattern or expenditure on requests across the enterprise. This will also let you plan allocation of assets and make informed purchases, and identify the total cost of tickets.

Take control of high aging tickets

Unlike wine, open tickets do not fare well with age and create larger problems with time. Which is why identifying the count of unresolved high aging tickets is the first step to solving the issue. With custom reports, easily identify the tickets that need reassignment and pinpoint areas for improvement like insufficient staffing, low-performing teams or agents, or elongated processes that add to delayed resolution.

Custom ticket reports in Freshservice

Manage tickets breaching SLAs

Usually, service level agreement violations are pretty serious as they compromise the quality of service. To ensure consistent service delivery across the enterprise, identify the count of tickets that have breached SLAs along with its elapsed time by the department, team, or agent, and address them quickly with the help of reports.

Enable resolution of tickets due soon

Apart from reminders to stay ahead of SLAs, leverage custom reports to identify tickets due in the next ‘n’ hours so you can work on them immediately and meet your service level targets. If you’re an agent, you can view the list of tickets approaching deadlines and prioritize your work or push for approvals accordingly.

Measure agent and team performance

While it’s easy for tickets to get lost, you can create your own report to determine the backlog of tickets by agent, team, or department and ensure their timely resolution. You can even access the list of associated child tickets or assets to understand their impact and urgency. With a count of tickets to help you monitor the service desk, it’s just as easy to generate reports based on the customer satisfaction ratings so you can identify your best teams and plan for improvements.

Generate, customize, and schedule reports

On top of these significant updates to ticket reports, you can even schedule and automate your reports in formats your choice. With the ability to visually customize the report in tabular, bar chart, or graphical forms, you can even take a look at its preview as you’re building it before generating the report to review your service desk’s performance.

Overview of Freshservice’s custom ticket reports:

  • Identify tickets that have breached SLAs
  • Monitor expenditure for service requests by department or team
  • Keep count of all your unresolved high aging tickets
  • Identify tickets approaching deadlines for timely resolution
  • Measure agent and team performance using backlog of tickets

Hope you enjoy making the best of reporting! If you’d like to know more about how it works, read the solution article or tag us at