Collaboration made easy with Trello on Freshservice

IT teams typically work with every department in an organization and are responsible for enabling productivity across the company. IT agents and managers handle everything from daily ticketing and security breaches to regular reporting of the service desk health. While these teams operate in high-velocity environments, the number of touch points they have and the number of people they work with are huge. Freshservice is a great way to get your whole IT team in one place, but when coordinating with other teams, an additional collaboration tool can streamline a large part of the workflow.

Enter the Freshservice+Trello power up. Trello is a collaboration tool that helps teams manage projects. You can set different stages of work, have specific cards with people related to the task in hand, have deadlines, and track progress in one place.

Take this scenario for example:

A major escalation ticket has fallen on your plate. However, it’s taking longer than it should to fix it because you’re waiting for a senior member of the engineering team to grant you access to some information you need. This situation values IT processes and internal SLAs but does not take in consideration the roadblock, and the productivity lost for this time. This is not a process problem, it’s an inter-team communication challenge.

That’s where the power of collaboration tools come in. Collaboration enables people from multiple teams within an organization to coordinate with each other and work better. It brings about transparency between departments and helps build trust among different teams.

By encouraging people to speak to each other, they can throw around ideas of how they can help each other be more effective. – Dr. Tuuli Bell

And that’s exactly what the Trello + Freshservice power-up will enable you to do.

ITSM and Collaboration in one place

With just a few clicks, you can connect your Freshservice instance with your Trello boards. You’ll also be able to attach Freshservice tickets to Trello cards and create them without leaving Trello. This way you won’t have to switch windows, and both your systems of record will be updated. Besides collaboration, creating your Trello platform is a great way to visually organize your team’s work.

Freshservice + Trello

This power-up is developed by SoftwareDevTools. Have a Trello account and want to connect it to your service desk? Sign up for a free trial of Freshservice.

Cover image by Nidhi

Edited by Sushma