Making IT Support a Slam-Dunk With the Box-Freshservice Integration

IT support is a hard enough job as it is, without having to worry about a million peripheral things that can ruin an entire day’s work.

It’s the absolute worst, when you put a ton of effort into realising the big picture and end up being bogged down by the minutiae.

Let’s envision this little scenario: we’ve all been there – it’s Monday morning after a long weekend and you’re feverishly clearing a path through the incident queue, trying to make dent on those backlogs. You’re doing your best to help your users and you realise you have to attach a user guide or a screencast video, to explain something more easily.

Ah well, there goes nothing.

But whoops. There’s that all too familiar error message popping up like a recurring nightmare – file exceeds attachment limits. And just like that, you’re back to square one.

At Freshservice, we believe your time is far too important to be wasted on anything other than providing stellar IT support to your users. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything else. So we’ve teamed up with the incredible file sharing services that Box offers and present to you, the Freshservice – Box integration.

Simply go to the admin console, click on integrations, link your Box account with Freshservice and you’re good to go. Now you can directly attach files from Box into your knowledge base solutions, ticket replies, problems, changes and CMDB entries.




So go ahead and check out our integration with Box and say goodbye to medieval restrictions like file size. If you have any questions, you can check out our solution article on the integration. Feel free to mail us at with any queries.