8 New Marketplace Apps to supercharge your Service Desk

Ever since we introduced Freshservice Marketplace, we’re adding a good number of apps every month. Within a few months of launch, we’ve crossed the 50 apps milestone. Apart from the increase in the number of apps, which we’re happy about, we are more excited for our customers who can do so much by integrating Freshservice with these apps. These integrations will make their life easy and more productive.

In this blog, let’s take a brief look at the significant additions to our marketplace during June.  

Generate in-depth service desk reports with Power BI

Freshservice can now be integrated with Microsoft Power BI, one of the well-known business intelligence (BI) tools in the market. With this integration, you can get a clear picture on the efficiency of your agents, incoming ticket trends, bandwidth, etc. This will allow you to make meaningful, data-driven decisions to optimize your service desk.

Create Instant Zoom meetings to help your customers

There are instances where an IT agent will have to use screen sharing/video calling to handhold the customer. This will help the agent resolve issues faster.

The Zoom integration with Freshservice allows agents to schedule a zoom meeting with their customers instantly. With this integration, agents can create a meeting URL from the ticket details page and share it with the customer.The agent can take control of the customer’s screen, record the session and also add the recorded meeting URL as a note on the ticket for future reference.

Instantly convert your chat conversations to Tickets

Chat support is the quick and efficient channel to solve customer issues. Freshchat integration in Freshservice is aimed at bridging your company’s internal IT service desk with your chat support.

Using this app, you can convert chat conversation from Freshchat into tickets in Freshservice. This allows your agents to resolve tickets quickly, and also keep track of all the chat conversations.

Customize time entries in your ticket

All time entries created within a service desk are marked as ‘billable’ by default. Ticket Time entry customizations app will allow the admins to edit the properties of a time entry, including the option to make all the time entries ‘non-billable’ by default.

Choose how you wish to see ticket conversations

The Ticket Conversation Customizations app will allow you to customize how conversation threads should look inside a ticket. The app provides the following customization options:

  1. View the latest reply on top
  2. Expand all replies within a ticket

Customize ticket due by property

Ticket due by property Customization app allows the admins to control the “Due by” property of a ticket. The options provided by the app are:

Display first response due by date/time

This option will display the date and time by when an agent will have to send the first response to the requester.

Remove ability to change resolution due by date/time

This option will not allow the agents to alter response time manually.

Quick Resolver

Quick Resolver app allows you to show the ticket resolve button on the top navigation bar as a quick, actionable icon.

Clone Your Change Request

Clone Change Request app helps agents to avoid manually creating multiple Change Requests with same details. With just a click of a button, Agents can clone a single Change Request ‘n’ number of times and create new Change Requests with same details. It saves a lot of time and effort for the Agents.

Try out the apps and turbo charge your IT service desk. As you’re reading this, we’re adding more apps to our marketplace. We’ll soon be back with some exciting new apps.

Until then, Stay awesome!