100 Is Just the Beginning

Freshservice marketplace just crossed the 100 app mark!


Achieving this number in such a short span of time wasn’t easy. A lot of effort has gone into it. Let’s take this moment to see how we’ve built our marketplace to what it is today.

The Beginning

Before the marketplace, we offered integrations that we’d built internally. These integrations allowed us to help users integrate with a third-party solution, add additional functionality to their IT service desk and even automate certain workflows inside their service desk.

Even though these integrations worked well, it often involved the help of a developer or a support person. Also, the constant growth of our customer base brought in a steady influx of newer app requirements to be integrated with Freshservice. This made us realize the efficiency of building a platform layer on top of Freshservice that will allow customers and external developers build apps without relying on our deployment cycle.

This thought slowly snowballed into building an app marketplace. A place that will have readily available integrations built by us and other app developers, which the users can add to their Freshservice account. This will also function as a platform that empowers our customers to write their own apps to link their existing tools with Freshservice.

This goal has put us on a trail to find, catalog, build and add apps that will truly make a difference in how organizations use their IT service desk.

Result? The Freshservice marketplace was born!


Building the Marketplace SDK

When we launched the Freshservice marketplace, we built a majority of the integrations in-house. Later, we thought “What if we could extend this capability to partners and other app developers?”

The plan was to develop an SDK (Software Development Kit) that would allow third-party solutions and developers to build apps to integrate with Freshservice.

We introduced the developer portal, where developers can learn and build apps using the FDK (Freshworks Development Kit). It also offered a chance for other developers to partner with us.  

Introducing the FDK was one of the significant steps in our journey as it helped to increase our numbers significantly.


We almost got a speeding ticket!

We’ve been seeing a steady increase in the apps we add every month. Last month we added close to 30 apps! (which pushed us closer to the 100 app mark sooner than we thought). This is due to the usability of the apps and the introduction of the SDK.

We’re thrilled by the numbers and we’re working on to add more apps in the coming months.

Let’s take a look a quick look at some of the recently added apps under different categories and how they help improve your Freshservice experience.

Computer Telephony Integration

CDC Software, one of our technology partners, published a range of apps for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). The apps will allow you to integrate your IT service with the following internet telephony services like Vonage, Broadsoft, Avaya, Amazon Connect, etc.

To view the complete list of supported CTI apps, click here.

Google Apps

Last month, we’ve launched the following Google apps in our marketplace.

Chrome OS device discovery – The app syncs information about your ChromeOS devices into your Freshservice asset management module.

Google DriveThe integration allows agents and end-users to browse for files from their Google Drive folder and share them when submitting or replying to a ticket in Freshservice.

To view the list of other Google apps in the marketplace, click here.


ITOps Automation

FlintFlint makes ITOps automation work for you. Service requests/support tickets from Freshservice when demands end-to-end automation or automated resolution are routed to Flint for automation.

Service Desk Customizations

We’ve added a wide range of apps will allow you to customize a certain behavior of your IT service desk.

Quick Toggle Ticket Type – Allows you to toggle between the ticket type – from Incident to Service Request and vice-versa.

Quick View Requester Assets – Helps you find out what assets are assigned to a requester without having to go through the requester’s profile.

Contract Hour Manager – The app enables service desk agents to track time spent on their tickets against the numbers of hours purchased by a customer through their contract.

Attachments Manager – gives access to all the ticket attachments in your service desk

Hide Incident Fields For Service Request – Allows you to hide unwanted fields for a service desk

Retain CC In Ticket RepliesRetains cc’ed email addresses for all the successive conversations happening within the ticket.

Auto Ticket Merger – Automatically merges tickets created by the same customer within a certain span of time with the same subject.

What I’ve mentioned here is just part of what’s out there. You can check out all the apps here.
We take this moment to thank all our customers and technology partners for their contribution. All this wouldn’t have become possible without you guys.

If you’ve got suggestions or feedback, feel free to write to us at support@freshservice.com.

See you soon with news about more Freshservice apps.

Until then, stay awesome!